Monday, March 23, 2015

Maxi-mum Comfort

See this pretty necklace I'm wearing? It was fatally injured in a desk chair incident. I cannot count how many necklaces have died this way. Apparently, I drop writing utensils every time I wear a long necklace. Every time I bend to pick up said pen or pencil, my necklace wraps around the arm of the desk chair, and I simultaneously choke myself while exploding my necklace. I think I have developed quite a knack for this type of clumsiness. Hopefully, my handy husband can fix it with a pair of pliers; however, I will not disturb him while he finally works on building our headboard. Oh, you know, seven months later, no big deal. Maybe the baby room will get new windows before the baby actually arrives, too.

Mom tells me I am "nesting," but I think the warm(er) weather has uncovered the shame I feel over not having cleaned my house in an embarrassingly long time. Flushing after use keeps the toilet clean, right? Ahem. Moving on. My kitchen is now really clean: new spring table cloth adorning the table, reorganized countertops, weekly meals planned, and fridge cleaned out. Ahhh, so glorious to work in a clean kitchen. Of course, the cleanliness reveals our need for not-so-dark countertops and a skylight for more sunshine. Oh, and the walls might benefit from having some pretty art/mirrors/plates hang from them.

Anyway, I wore this comfortable outfit one day last week.

The Look:
Dress: Old Navy (old)
Necklace: Francesca's
Sweater: Express (clearance section recently)
Flats: Merona via Target


  1. Flushing the toilet keeps it clean! I knew you were my kind of girl! Haha. You look super chic and comfy in this outfit. I hope your necklace gets fixed, too! It's too cute to be ruined!

  2. Now I feel really dirty for not flushing the toilet every time in efforts to save energy and water. I guess you can't ever win. Except you can and have with this cardigan. Love it!

  3. Yeah, you're nesting 😉. Such a bummer about the necklace, primers have been known to work miracles, though :) I saw the headboard on Instagram, it looks so cool, can't wait to see the finished project!

  4. I was totally nesting in the second trimester when i actually had energy, except I wasted it all on making art projects for the baby's room instead of doing actual things like cleaning my house or you know, going to the grocery store. What's for dinner? I have no idea, but look at this cute mobile I made! Anyway, now I'm too tired to do anything and really wish I had cleaned more when I had the energy. Pretty sure I'm going to have a cleaning service come out in April sometime to get the house super clean before baby arrives!

  5. Seriously, the headboard turned out SO well! You guys have a gorgeous bedroom. I dread cleaning the house even though I feel at ease once it's all clean. We're moving out at the end of month. I'm dreading that major cleaning process. Oh, and I am SO jealous you found that Express cardigan. I absolutely love it but it's not online anymore :(


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