Monday, March 9, 2015

Nice people

This weekend, Jeff and I made friends with several of the vendors at a Baby Expo near us because we soak up knowledge like sponges. I learned about another way to get tested for gestational diabetes (versus the drink 50g of sugar in one sitting method). I learned that car seats have expiration dates. I learned that a lot of what I have learned as a teacher, especially about kids and routines, applies to parenting. I learned what a doula actually does. (Jeff, of course, started quoting Billy Madison and said, "medulla oblongata!") I learned about which foods you should buy organic. (Sure, Jeff needed a whole lot of coaxing to consider attending said FREE event, but he ultimately found it valuable as I knew he would.) Don't worry. The next episode of "The Wife is Right" will air soon enough.

At the Verizon store, I decided I needed to replace my iPhone 4s because the poor thing just could not function despite still looking pristine. (I feel like my phone and I have a lot more in common than I realized.) I could have replaced it this past August, but I like to hold onto my technology until it becomes a glorified paperweight The salesman, Dave, pointed to a phone case that had me "written all over it," and it was actually the one to which I felt continually drawn. He gave the case to me for free and also knocked $10 off my screen protector. He also made sure we were on the best plan for the cheapest price. Before we left, he taught Jeff and me about The Trolley Dilemma, and we proceeded to have a profound conversation about ethics. (This conversation served as a clear reminder why I did not study ethics in college. They should just rename it "Rock and Hard Place.")

In line behind us at our favorite local, family-owned, fully gluten-free restaurant, a woman started talking to me about how much she loved the color of my cardigan, which I immediately admitted was $8.90 from Forever 21. She said she wears a lot of black and gray. Upon seeing my outfit, she decided she would wear this color with her black and gray to "brighten it up" and she felt all excited about the inspiration.  She is a sweet woman named Patti, and she didn't even mind that it took me five years to place an order at a place with a menu I've nearly committed to memory.

I guess the moral of the story is that it's refreshing to stop and actually talk to people. Treat every person as if they have something to teach you, and you will be surprised by how much you learn. I hope this kid of mine values relationships and learning as much as I do and as much as Jeff does (even though he might not freely admit it). I guess the best I can do is serve as a good role model. This strategy has served me well as a teacher, so let's hope it serves me well as a parent.

The Look:
Cardigan: Forever 21 (exact for $8.90--my color is "neon orange")
Dress: H&M
Boots: Madden Girl (similar)
Scarf: Made by Momma


  1. Yup, they learn more by watching what you do than by listening to what you say. Look, you're already a great mom! :-)

  2. It's amazing who you will meet and what you will learn when you least expect it! It took me forever too to upgrade my iphone 4 (not even S!) to the 5s and I'm so glad I did! It always takes me forever too to upgrade my technology but I'm always glad when I do! I also love your cardigan! The bright color makes me happy :)

  3. Hooray for the Trolley problem! I can't believe you've never taken an ethics class. Being between a rock and a hard place is the best place to be. So much fun!

  4. It sounds like you learned quite a bit this weekend! Now you've got me curious as to which veggies to buy organic and what on earth the Trolley Dilemma is. Do tell!

  5. Awww I love this! I'm totally one of those people that tries making conversation with everyone- the cashier, waitress, sale associate.. anyone! I hate when they don't converse back either! Sounds like you had encounters with some pleasant people though. I hear that when you're pregnant more people will talk to you haha. Oh and I agree with that lady- I love the color of this cardi. And I love it over this black and gray outfit. Also- SHOW US THE BELLY! I feel like you should pose to the side to show off that little belly, little mama :)


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