Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Colors and an Unlikely Superhero

One day in the coming months, those walls behind me will not be the color of banana's rejected turd of a brother. (People tell me to call it "manila," but I love manila folders way more than bananas, so there you have it.) Instead, they will be a calming gray, just like our bedroom walls. Provided this wicked winter weather does not thwart my plans tomorrow, I shall have a new paint job on my hair as well. Thankfully, the doctor and my stylist, who has two boys of her own, say that highlights are safe for me. I fear I would crumble under the weight of this hair shituation if I could not fix it until September.

Also, I have a random thought for you today, which makes this thought no different from any other thought I share with you. I think that if asparagus were a superhero, then its tagline would read: Defender of Short Term Memory. We all know full well that it saves us from using the line, "I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night." Fear not, asparagus will not allow you to forget. Now, what would we name this superhero? Hit me with your best ideas.

The Look:
Tunic: PinkBlush Maternity  (same in light pink/black, similar)
Leggings: Target? Old Navy? I cannot remember.
Scarf: Momma
Boots: so old from Macy's


  1. Oh man I always feel bad for the other ladies when I remember that I ate asparagus for dinner the night before while in a public restroom hahah. Oh and I laughed out loud at "shituation."

  2. GIRL. I want to order this tunic and I'm not even pregnant! I loveeee it. And wouldn't that be a crime if you couldn't get your hair done while pregnant? Us blondes would look a hot mess!

  3. That dress is so pretty!! I hope you wear it once a week. It will go with everything. So glad you get to fix your hair shituation tomorrow. Getting your hair done is such a treat!

  4. Haha I laughed out loud when I read about the unlikely superhero! We have gray walls in our living room (and actually most of our house) and I love them! Very good wall color :)

  5. No one has named the superhero yet? How about SuPEErior Gus? Or....Captain ASSparagus? Or...S(pee)r Man?

  6. Hahahaha, oh lordy, Danielle - you ALWAYS crack me right up! Between the "shituation," "banana's rejected turd of a brother," and talking about asparagus' pee qualities, I am giggling out loud. I love you, dear.

    (And that tunic is awesome. I want it and I'm not even pregnant.)


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