Monday, March 16, 2015

Juggling Act

Any weekend that ends with seeing family and eating delicious food earns an A+ from me. I spend so much of my "off" time absorbed by grading, sending e-mails, and lesson planning that so little time remains for my family. It saddens me, really.  Spring break cannot come soon enough. I need to spend time with people I love and doing things I love. This kid is already highlighting the reality of how much time I spend either doing work or feeling guilty about not doing work. The one thing I cannot allow myself to feel guilty about is not spending enough time with this kid when he or she arrives, so my priorities have already started shifting.  I know all teachers understand the struggle to balance it all; in fact, I am sure so many other professions can empathize. After all, life is one big balancing act.

However, after nine years in the classroom and a childhood spent watching my father work an obscene number of hours to support us, I just do not know if I can justify the time commitment and sacrifices teaching requires. Also, why do we busy ourselves with so much that we feel overburdened instead of overjoyed? Why do people consistently feel the need to tell other people "oh, I am busier than you are"? How did overworking ourselves become a marker of accomplishment? Why do I allow other people's perception of "success" define my own version of it? Why do I buy into this ludicrousness that "doing it all" means you "have it all"? Frankly, my heart of hearts know that is a bunch of unfulfilling malarkey. I think when I achieve balance between doing something I love and spending time with the people I love, that will be my greatest accomplishment. I do not want to feel so rushed through life that I forget I am living one at all. 

These are the musings I type when I should be writing a graduate paper. I guess I should go hop on that. Quickly, come have a look at my outfit and my fun outing with my parents and Jeff.

The Look:
Top: Old Navy
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans (maternity): Gap
Flats (old): Target

Roxy likes to overshadow me. She's cute enough to do so.

My dad's smile makes me laugh so hard. Gosh, I love that man. His shirt is made of corduroy, and it is so soft. He proudly stated that it's from L.L.Bean. And doesn't my mom look pretty in pink? And look at that gorgeous smile of hers. They're the best.

I need to frame this picture. I really, really love it. It just brings me great joy.


  1. This was a lovely post! Good luck with the work/life/family be happy balance! I am working on mine as well because as important as it is to work and do our job it is way more important to have those happy times with the people and things you care about! :-) You know in the UK standard maternity leave is 1 year. Reading blogs has made me very grateful for our health service and system here sometimes! Also your dogs are lovely.

  2. I can totally understand what you're going through. Babies change everything, don't they? Do what makes you happy and don't worry about anyone else. :-) I like the pictures of your family, too. Your parents look so excited to become grandparents.


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