Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Navy & Lavender

First of all, Jim Parsons (Sheldon of Big Bang Theory) turned 42 yesterday. HOW? I feel utterly befuddled. Remove Cindy Crawford from all of those youth commercials and replace her with Jim.

Second of all, my students amuse me. Sometimes, they do and say things that would be shocking, inappropriate, and unsettling if an adult were to do or say the same thing. For example, one of my juniors fist bumped (gently, fear not) my baby bump yesterday. I laughed hysterically because I am weird, awkward, and easily amused. If a four-star general from Jeff's work were to fist bump my baby bump, I might not laugh so easily. (I would probably do so nervously and walk away quickly.) About ten minutes later, another student crouched down and began talking to my belly and excitedly exclaimed, "It's SO CUTE. There's a THING in there!" Seriously, teenagers make me laugh every single day. Once this baby comes out, can't it just help me teach my classes? Let's all hang out and appreciate the English language together.

Third of all, I love these pants. Guess who picked them out all on his own? Yeah, Jeff. I'm still shocked, too. The first item of clothing he surprised me with was a pair of lavender maternity jeans. Remember that he would wear a "You Got a Purdy Mouth" shirt ever day had I not thrown it away on the sly. However, he managed to buy me a pair of pants I totally love. Good job, Jefferino. You've made your wife proud.

Let's just say she is singing to the baby, not screaming at Jeff for preventing her from jumping on me with her dirty paws. 
The Look:
Shirt: Target
Tee: Gap (Maternity)
Scarf: Handmade by Momma
Pants (gift): Motherhood Maternity
Heels: Aerosoles (also have them in burgundy--love 'em)
 Forgive Squirt as she nibbles her leg.
And now she's nibbling a stick. Oh, these dogs.


  1. I was thinking, "Oooh wow these colors go together so well!" and then realized you are wearing my wedding's exact color scheme: lavender and navy gingham!! And seriously, Jim Parsons needs to come out with some anti-aging creams, I'd buy that stuff for sure.

  2. Do students still have to do the sugar/flour sack babies? When I was in high school, you only had to carry around the baby dolls that actually cried if you were in the family sociology class. Otherwise we had to carry around an egg. Anyway. I want purple pants. These are so pretty. And so perfect for spring.

  3. Oh man, it's not just teenagers and you who are weird and awkward. I continually amaze myself with the bizarre situations and conversations I find myself in about this baby. I've gotten way more comfortable talking about all my lady parts recently! So awkward!
    I'm super impressed that your husband bought these pants. I don't think mine could successfully pick out any clothing items for me (we heavily rely on pinterest for gift-giving events). And you've inspired me to try wearing my button-up shirts open, because they are sure not closing at the moment! If only I had purple pants and then I could steal this whole outfit!

  4. Seriously, Jeff did so good! I never thought of lavender pants, they look lovely! Way to go Jeff!

  5. HAHA, the pictures of your pups are so great!! I really love this whole outfit - the lavender pants are so pretty, and I love how you styled them :) Those wedges are fantastic. Also, I'm right there with you about Jim Parsons. His skin is like buttah.


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