Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ten Things

I thought I'd join the Ten Things bandwagon with Danielle, Kate, and Fran. If you want to know ten things you might not already know about me, then stay a little while.

1. I went skydiving and dragged Jeff with me. I hate sitting in airplanes, but I love jumping out of them. If I had money to spend willy nilly, I'd go again. And again.

2. It took awhile (and a lot of heartbreak) to get pregnant with this kid. Even though I'm 18 weeks along, I keep waiting for someone to drop the bad news bomb on me that I don't get to meet this kid after all. All of the uncomfortable, painful, inconvenient symptoms (hey? Did my organ just move?) are absolutely worth it if I am blessed enough to be this kid's mom.

3. The only food I refuse to eat is fennel. That stuff tastes like black licorice, and I despise it. Generally, I live by the mantra, "if I can eat it, then I will," but I will never consume fennel willingly. Jeff snuck it into my pasta sauce one night, and I almost divorced him.

4. I played the saxophone in elementary school, but I quit when the band teacher made me first chair. I still feel stupid about having made this decision, especially since I was actually really good for a small tot. After all, my parents let me practice in the house, but they made my brother practice outside.

5. I don't like Will Ferrell as an actor. He annoys me. A lot. Surely he is a nice man; I just dislike watching him act.

6. My Mom Mom's eulogy. My Pop Pop's eulogy. Two maid/matron of honor speeches. I wrote them all the day/night before, and I brought the audiences to tears and laughter with my words each time. I guess you could say I write well under pressure. (I assume I cannot follow this same pattern of behavior for the speech I deliver at graduation this year....)

7. I don't like receiving cards for holidays because I never know exactly what to do with them. I feel guilty throwing them away, and I have never been one to hang them on the fridge/mantel. They confuse me more than they should.

8. I teach English, but I never have a chance to read anything other than students' papers. It saddens me, really. I chose English because I love to read, but my work life resembles Groundhog Day. I just keep reading and rereading the same books every.single.year. I plan to teach Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close to my juniors during fourth quarter just so that I have an excuse to read it.

9. Jeff fixes most of the meals around these parts. I am the planner and researcher of all things (house projects, meal planning, etc.), and he executes my wonderful ideas. I guess you could say I'm the brains, and he's the brawn. Tonight, he fixed this recipe. He said that trying to wrap the ingredients inside the zucchini was NOT easy. However, my stomach would like you to know that the meal tasted delicious. 

10. Every time I buy a watch, the battery dies in record time (pun intended). I remember one time at college, I proudly held up my wrist to my friend Dave and said, "my watches always die, but this one keeps ticking." He responded, "'s dead." Yeah, that moment confirmed watches' distaste for me. I could replace batteries, but ain't nobody got time for that.

The Look:
Blazer (old): Old Navy
Top (on sale, recent): Francesca's
Pants: Motherhood Maternity
Flats: Steve Madden

The Bump:
18 weeks today  (this picture is from last week; the bump looks a smidge more pronounced this week, or that could be all of the fiber I have eaten in the past three days. Who can be sure?)


  1. 3- I can't even tell you what fennel is. But I snorted when I read that it almost lead to a divorce.
    4- I wanted to play sax in middle school but when I found out you first had to play clarinet and then the band director would choose from that group who could play sax, I decided it was too much trouble and just stuck with the violin.
    5 - yes yes and yes. I feel like I'm one of the only people (other than my husband) who doesn't like Will Ferrell ... with the exception of Stranger than Fiction and on some days Anchorman. I hate ELF. And I hate that people eat it up (it being that movie and everything he does.
    7 - put cards on your mantle for the duration of the holiday season and/or 45 days. then recycle them. But seriously, I used to keep cards in a shoebox and then once that shoebox got filled and I went through them, I realized I didn't even know I had kept most of them.
    10 - I have that problem with two watches right now. I don't even know where to go to get them replaced now that Target has a sign on their jewelry counter that says they won't do it.

    Okay. I just had to comment on everything but kept it down to 5 apparently. I feel closer to you than ever before. Thank you for sharing these fun facts!

  2. I love--love--this bright shirt! The bump is looking cute, too!

    Maybe your watches die because you have so much brain power that it's generating electricity that is shooting out of your head and destroying your watches.

  3. 3- What is fennel?
    4- You must have been really good at it if your parents let you practice in the house! Hahaha! I played the clarinet in middle school, and while I never practiced in 7th grade and was first chair, we got a new band directer that none of us liked in 8th, so I somehow became extremely bad at it. She forced us to practice everyday and have our parents sign off on it. My parents made me practice in my closet. Then they started just signing off on me practicing even though I didn't because I was so bad and no one wanted to hear all that!
    5- I thought I was the only one who can't stand him! My sister and I just realized our mutual dislike for him a few weeks ago, but I am very happy to now know that I share that with you and Kate also! He just irks me, and I don't think he's funny whatsoever.

    Also, this outfit is on point ;)

  4. I have found my people! I can't stand Will Ferrell's acting! It's like he thinks he is so funny that I actually find him to be not funny at all. I love your list, and you look completely gorgeous!

  5. First of all you are glowing. I like the new colorful top. As far as #s 5 & 10 we are identical. I cannot stand Will Farrell. One time on a 9+ hour flight from Europe to US the only channel or movies on the plane were Will Farrell movies. I wanted to kill myself. Also, I own a ton of watches and they have all died on me. I never bother changing batteries either lol.

  6. Can't say I've ever had fennel but I lurve black licorice. My boyfrined's dad is from Holland so he has gotten me hooked on Dutch black licorice. So good. My bf and I were JUST talking about Will Ferrell last night. I love Elf but other than that, don't find him all that funny. I used to keep all the cards I ever received. I still have a box with several that means a lot to me. And I am SO glad you and Jeff were able to get pregnant, especially if you've been trying for so long! I wish you the best of luck with the rest of it :)

  7. - Oh my gosh, skydiving sounds like such a thrill! I'd absolutely love to try it some time!!!
    - I'm SO happy you and Jeff got pregnant with your babe - you two are so deserving to be parents and I can't wait for the little one to arrive and see you embrace motherhood!!
    - I HATE anything that tastes like black licorice - GAG!
    - Okay, this is going to sound very weird, but I have this really weird sense of being able to guess what instruments people played in band...and I was right on with you! You just "seem" like a sax player!!!
    - I love a lot of Will Ferrell movies (mostly just Elf, Stepbrothers, and Anchorman, really), but recently, I've found him to be much less funny than I did back in the day. He's trying too hard to be funny these days, I think.
    - I love that Jeff is the cook in your family! 9/10 times, Kevin is the cook at our house as well :)


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