Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Fay-vo-rites

Typically, a little black rain cloud (hooovering over the hooooney treeee--Pooh Bear, anyone?) spits rain on me. There was that whole week this summer I fell ill with one thing, that caused another thing, that led me to a medication which caused another thing, and then I missed that reeeally fun thing because of it all.  However, I think I usually succeed in keeping a positive--and dare I say humorous?-- attitude about it. 

I guess a positive attitude gives the good luck fairy a high five so awesome that she can't ignore you for much longer. Let me tell you what. Lady Luck can give a return high five that rivals a Michael Jordan dunk (is that even a relevant sports analogy anymore? I don't know. I come from a mother who mixed up Tim Tebow with Tim TiVo.) 

Anyway, a series of fortunate events have skipped my way, so I'm participating in High Five for Friday and Fridays Fab Favorites. And all of that jazz.

1. Before the school year let out, I won a giveaway (hosted by the best-complexion-I've-ever-seen blogger Kimberly and provided by Cult of Progression) for $100 at Marshall's! Be still, my tiny heart. 
I have yet to spend it all, but, so far, I've bought:

these shoes...

and this skirt!
(and some poop bags for the dogs, but I'll spare you those pictures.)

2. Recently, I entered another giveaway over at Megan's blog, Style Me Swanky. (Girlfriend has awesome hair and such sophisticated style! She lives up to the blog name, fo sho.) Anyway, I won a pair of Joules wellies, and I am SO EXCITED for them to arrive. The company's representative who's corresponding with me is originally from Maryland, my state, which makes me happy about this small world we inhabit. Which boots did I pick? I'LL SHOW YOU. 
Look at these beauties:

I fully intend to wear them even when it's a balmy 95 without a chance of sprinkles. 
I'll romp through imaginary puddles. And like it.
Check them out here.
(They now ship to the U.S.!)

3. I finally found the perfect cobalt heels for me. (I decided that I wanted heels in a fun color. Since I wear my cobalt flats on repeat, I decided cobalt heels would be perfect.) Best part? I got a Kohl's coupon at Staples (still confuses me), which I used toward these wedges. BAM.
Find them here

4. My class lists finally went live online. I found out that I'll be teaching two of my very favorite students from two years ago. With this glorious factoid in mind, I think I might just be able to handle 11AP. (It's my eighth year of teaching but my first year with AP. YIKES.)

5. As you know (and are sick of hearing...reading?), we're staging the house to sell. My dear, sweet husband thinks that entails painting the entire basement, which means I had to buy paint. Two incredible things happened during this process. The first? The guy at Lowes gave me $7 off each gallon even though there was no promotion running at the time. (Hooray for being a pleasant customer!) The second? Jeff actually helped me paint the basement bathroom. I'm still in shock. And you know what the best part was? It was FUN, especially when he accidentally planted his entire palm on a wet wall. I didn't realize how much better painting is with a partner.  

Even if the little black rain cloud splits wide open and pours on my head, I can't help but feel grateful for all of the little (and big), wonderful things of life.


  1. I love when people can see the positive even through the rain clouds (my brother and I used to sing that Winnie the Pooh song to each other all the time!). Love, love, love those boots that you got, and I can't wait to see you in them!!

  2. Oh yay, such great things! You got some great stuff from the giveaways! And seeing the new year's class lists and being HAPPY is such a marvelous thing! haha

  3. Yeah for winning two giveaways! I never win those things. Good luck with getting ready to sell your house. Glad your hubby decided to start helping paint :)

  4. That bow tie is too cute. I have never been a fan of wellies as a fashion statement, but now I am. As long as they have a bow :)

  5. That skirt is amazing! Thanks for linking up with friday's fab favorites!

  6. I love when lady luck sneaks back in to remind us life is pretty fun! This buys at marshalls are great, especially the poop bags! haha! And I love those wellies!

  7. Those boots are adorable!! I love the mustard yellow bows! So lucky to have won a giveaway!

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