Sunday, August 11, 2013

Polka Dots & Pink

I'm not a huge bubblegum pink fan, but this skirt was like $11 from Target. Need I say more?
I already owned [and loved] it in navy, so I stuffed it into my car full of a million other things I need but don't need from Target. 

It happens to all of us. Target happens to all of us.

Do you ever find an item in your closet and think, "I like this, but I never wear this. What shall I wear with this?" And THEN, an idea bomb explodes in your face. You find just the right thing to complement it. 
That's what happened with this polka dot shirt, which seems stupid because it's covered in polka dots. How hard is it to remember this shirt and find it a mate? Too difficult for my summer-sized brain.
Until now.

The Look:
Tank: Old Navy
Skirt: Target
Belt: Francesca's
Necklace: The husband.
I wish my selfie skills were better so that you could see my cute sandals.
(P.S. I don't like this outfit without a cardigan/jean jacket/etc. It feels unfinished.)

The Details:

Occasion: Cleaning/organizing/hazmating my classroom and then looking at an apartment
(So, I needed to be free for movement in my sweltering classroom, yet I could not look like a total slob for the apartment viewing appointment.)

When: noon-night

Where: Classroom (without students) and apartment complex

Restyling Options: I brought a cardigan with me in case we traveled somewhere chilly. (I never know if a classroom will be arctic cold or Sahara hot. Layers are key.) I think a navy blazer would be C-U-T-E with this look, especially if students were in my classroom. If I weren't wearing it for work and needed a little warmth, a jean jacket would fit the bill. Instead of the polka dot top (or over the polka dot top), I'd love a light blue oxford. 
What are your restyling options for any of these pieces?

(source is difficult to find, but this is the best I could do)
Love the stripes, statement necklace, and trench.
Good grief, I could never wear those heels.

The chic-as-always, Blair

Or, her fancy style in this one:


  1. Love your blog! I am a teacher also so I am always looking for something cute/comfortable/stylish for school.

    Do you find that the pink and navy skirts are a bit sheer? I was on the fence about the skirts when I was in the store because they seemed a bit thin, but they are so cute!

  2. This skirt looks so perfectly comfortable. And I think the outfit would look great with a navy blazer or denim jacket!

  3. that top inspiration picture would be SO cute for fall!!

  4. Oooh I saw that skirt at Target, but I think my store still had them at 30% off, and I'm waiting until they hit 50% or 70% because I know I don't really need it, but it will be a sign if the Target gods save one in my size when they're marked lower :) And the tank is super cute too! love the ruffle top.

  5. LOVE that polka dot shirt and pink skirt! Two of my favorite things! I might have to run to target to see if they have that skirt here!


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