Monday, August 19, 2013

Seersucker and Fuchsia

Is "fuschia" not really a color? Because Safari's automatic spell checker is kirking out over here. Safari MUST be a dude.

EDIT: Apparently, half the world and I have been misspelling fuchsia as fuschia. Most annoying part? Autocorrect just NOW corrected it, but not the first time I fought with the spelling. English teacher fail.ure.

Wife: "Honey, is this more of a white or an ivory?"
Husband: "What's the difference?"

Crikey, I can't even get my husband to tell the difference between "husband, these already look awful, so they can be worn to change oil, catch a fish, or roll around in the grass" shorts and "husband, these are nice, unstained, and worth a pretty penny, so if you wear these, I will spritz lemon juice in your eyeballs" shorts. As if I could get him to tell the difference between colors. Unless it's the paint color for a Corvette. Or any vehicle.

I digress.

P.S. It's our two year wedding anniversary tomorrow. However, we've been together for a total of nine whopping years. Hot diggity dog.

I wore this outfit the other week to run errands, one of which involved a trip into Kohl's. Obviously.

Typically, I avoid shorts because they give me unnecessary wedgies. Not like any wedgie is actually necessary. Unless you ask my brother who hanged me by my pants on a doorknob...for two and a half hours. He felt that wedgie was necessary.

Whew, what a manhating post.

Look! A cute puppy!

As for the outfit, here 'tis.

The Look:

Seersucker Shorts: The Limited
Top: The Limited
Flats: Target
Belt: Target

The Details:

Occasion: Errand running (read: shopping)
When: Day time (so, casual it is)
Where: About town
Comfort Rating: Any outfit involving shorts automatically earns an 8 or less. These shorts are just the right length, so an 8 they earn. However, I should give the outfit a 7 only because trying to untuck a shirt and undo a belt in a dressing room is annoying because retucking and belting is sucky. Not an easy access outfit for the purpose of trying on other clothes. 
Note: Originally, I put on a white shirt with these shorts, a brown belt, and brown shoes. (I like the brown, white, and blue combo.) Buuuut, I decided to switch up the color combination a bit and choose fuschia instead. Is that okay? It's okay if you say no. I'll still like it. And you. 

Oh, and hoo-ray for the first day back for teachers. 


  1. It was a great first day back to school, teaching for me!! I hope you had a great day as well! I love that outfit! It's very cute and I totally agree with tucking and a belt. We had to wear our school shirts today with khaki's which including tucking and belting and it took twice as long to go to pee then!! Teachers do not have that much time to pee! haha!

  2. OHMYGOSH cutest top ever! And look, matching shoes!

  3. I like it! But the other way you had it styled sounds good too. I always spelled it fuschia until I started blogging and found out it's spelled fuchsia, weird, because those letters just seem all kinds of in the wrong places.

  4. Fuchsia is just one of those words that is spelled completely different than you would think. But it is a real color! I'm really surprised your spell checker didn't just fix it for you.

    Anyway, your shorts are super cute!

  5. Those flats are so pretty!! Are they ok to walk in for a few hours? They compliment your top so well!

    Exploring My Style

  6. You look super cute in your seersucker and fuchsia, Danielle! Those shorts are great and I'm glad they're relatively wedgie-proof :) Yesterday, Whitney from Along the Lines of Style wore a seersucker skirt with a fuchsia top, and I was so excited to see you both rocking the trend/color combination :) So pretty!


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