Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lace & a Flowy Skirt

Before I embark on the task of grading my AP students' work, I will grace the interwebs with my presence. And my second-day hair, which has been kicking butt since my stylist gave me some tips last week. It's taken 29 years for me to figure out how to style this mane, but better late than never? Now, I just need to take care of this whole acne and acne scarring issue, and all will be right with my world. My vain, vain little world.

Oh, and our house is officially on the market! After hours of painting, scrubbing, staging, and some bleeding, we are now in "people could come through the house at any moment, so we can't touch anything" mode. A wildly fun place to be.

Jeff is only happy to take pictures when he can direct me in my posing. He told me I had to be all "50s housewife" and pose with the Kitchen Aid mixer. Way to be progressive, husband.

The Look:
Top: The Limited
Skirt: LOFT
Shoes: Me Too via Marshall's (last summer)
Belt: NY & Co.
Necklace: Gift from my sister-in-law, both of my sisters-in-law have such great taste. I lucked out! 

The Details
Occasion: Work (I'm a teacher, by the way.)
When: end o' August (still in the 80s)
Where: Indoors all day (still pretty balmy in my room)
Comfort Rating: 9.5
Comments: I give it a 9.5 only because I had to resituate the belt a few times, but it was actually very comfortable. These heels are the perfect height and have enough cushion to make the soles of my feet not-so angry. I tried a new color combination with the cognac shoes/belt, and I liked it (not "I kissed a girl" kind of liked it, but I liked it.) Ordinarily, I'd choose a gold and be suuuuper matchy, but I was a big fan of this combination. Plus, I was pretty matchy matchy with my cognac purse ;) This shirt tucks REALLY well, and I didn't know that until today despite the fact that I've owned it for nearly a year. Good job, shirt. 

Jeff's doing the dishes and fixing dinner. Some 50s housewife I am. 


  1. I love this, your skirt is so pretty! And your HAIR! Gorgeous!

  2. I love this, your skirt is so pretty! And your HAIR! Gorgeous!

  3. Super CUTE. And, when my husband actually is home, he also does dinner and the dishes (and the laundry, and the cleaning....). Yeah, when he's around, I'm pretty lazy!

  4. This is a great outfit, Danielle! I'm SO JEALOUS that this is your day 2 hair - what the heck?! That's just unfair. Also, I am a huge sucker for all things lace and black/ this outfit is a total win. Also, I'm really happy you wrote sisters-in-law instead of sister-in-laws. PET PEEVE.

  5. Hey, wait a minute, that top looks really familiar. Not sure why, though. Jk. We are lace top twins :) Now I will have to pair mine with a black pleated skirt, too :) I can't believe that is your 2 day hair. I can't make my hair look that good on any day!

  6. Your hair looks awesomeeeeee. And I am sad that the lace shirt is old because I totally want it. it's annoying to find a cute shirt only to realize that it doesn't tuck well, so glad to know that it tucks well! You know, if you ever want to get rid of it, I'd be interested!!!!

  7. Your hubby is too funny with the way he likes to pose you. A lawn mower and now a mixer :) Love the lace/cognac/ black combo!


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