Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teacher Wardrobe Staples: Part 3 [The Outfits]

So, Mom brought over her real camera and her real skills to take this part of the series' photographs. HOLY AWESOMENESS. 
Happy Birthday to me.
I know I said I couldn't write this post today, but the birthday fairies granted me two hours of extra time to work it in :) 

In case you're new, I've started a Teacher Wardrobe Series.
Part 1: The Stores
Part 2: The Basics 
Today is Part 3: The Outfits. 
(Tomorrow is Part 4: The Inspiration, which features readers. You could be a part of it! See more information about it at the end of this post.)

First, I did not pull all of the items from Part 2 to create these looks.
(I'll also need to write a post that includes some considerations after having created outfits with the items. I'm realizing the holes I have in my closet!) 
I'm sorry, but that is a lot of picture taking, and what will I show you for the next month!?

Now, here are the staples I pulled together for this post:
Gingham shirt, blue oxford, striped shirt, yellow (and feminine) blouse,
cobalt blue blazer, khaki blazer, and black blazer

White cardigan, gray cardigan, khaki skirt, black skirt, 
black pants, khaki/brown pants, cobalt skirt, polka dot skirt

black dress, striped dress, cap toe flats, nude kitten heels, black heels, cobalt blue wedges

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: I did NOT create all of the outfits that I could have created because I started to get sweaty and tired. I think what I've provided here is plenty of inspiration, especially since I have some other lovely ladies' outfits to show you tomorrow! 

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: Except for belts, I did not accessorize. If you want to see the series to continue with a post on accessorizing, feel free to let me know. I like you, so I can make it happen.

So, here goes:

The striped dress is great with a blazer, a cardigan, heels, flats, belted, or not belted.
A look I did not include but would be cute is the blue oxford tied over top and knotted in the front.
 (Or a black blazer instead of a white cardigan)
I'm seeing so many more possibilities now that I'm reviewing the pictures.

A black dress works well with a button up, a blazer, or a cardigan. 

Mom did NOT take the last three pictures. They were in the archive. 
I wanted to include them because one look shows a printed skirt, another shows a printed dress, and the last shows a more casual Friday kind of look.
Your colored blazer does not have to be cobalt blue, but I bet you want one now! 

Who would've thought a little yellow blouse could cover so much sartorial ground?
I prefer it tucked in, but it looks great loose. 
I love the two skirt looks. 

LOOK! My husband came home during the photo shoot and matched one of my outfits. I made him pose with me. As you can see, he's excited. 
Obviously, I could include a bajillion outfits with the striped shirt, but I've already written a post on striped shirt inspiration. (Excuse some of the dead pictures. I need to figure out how to fix those! I didn't know some of them died until just now.)

In all of these looks, both shirts are interchangeable, which is why I included them on a collage together.
I think the khaki skirt look is my favorite. I'm excited to wear it to work! 

After writing this post, I am so game for a 30x30 challenge. Right here, I have 14 looks, and I could easily double them. And I only have 21 items here instead of 30. I might have inspired myself. 
What a cheeseball. And a narcissist. 

If you would like to see me write more posts like this one, I'd love to have your feedback. 

Don't forget to e-mail me a picture of you wearing your favorite teacher outfit. 
(You do NOT have to be a teacher; it can be a teacher-inspired ensemble.)
(You do NOT have to be a blogger either!)

If you ARE a blogger and the picture comes from a post on your blog, provide me with the link to the original content, please! If you're not a blogger, tell me how you'd prefer I credit you :) 

E-mail me at


  1. Love this series! I'm totally on board with the staples you picked! :) Thanks for representing all well-dressed teachers out there!

  2. All of these look great! You are so ready for back-to-school! Aaaaaaaand now I need a cobalt blazer =)

  3. You are too cute! Love all those looks and although I am not a teacher, I do work for a university and this inspires me! I will send a pic for you with my inspired look! Oh and you for sure have convinced me that I need a cobalt blue it!

  4. I love all of these looks! and so nice of your mom to play photographer for you :) AND HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!

  5. Danielle. Seriously, I couldn't love this series any more. You have showed that it is possible to dress incredibly sharply and professional, but still fun and with personality! Yay!


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