Monday, August 5, 2013

Wedding Guest Attire

Beware: this post is a little picture heavy. 

This weekend, we attended our friends' wedding in New York. Last year in the Bahamas, we met this fun, sweet couple. Who woulda thunk it, right? And really, who woulda thunk that we'd be attending their wedding this summer!? Not us. 

Their wedding definitely impressed us. Everyone was so welcoming, introducing themselves and exclaiming, "Ohhhh, you're the Marylanders! We've heard about you." So, we walked away with a few more friends by the end of the night. The food? Oh, the food. I ate a lot because I could eat a lot. One of the few times I left a wedding feeling satisfyingly full.

And, those New Yorkers? They know how to party. Dancing, food, after partying. Wow, New York.

On the way, we heard this song, and it seemed appropriate.

I wore this:

For this wedding, I decided to go for a bold lip and dark accessories. It seemed a bit more formal.
Instead of straight hair, I opted for some curls. (My hairdresser showed me how to curl my hair without it turning into one big clump of curl.)

He wore this:
I decided to match only his tie to my dress. A red shirt + red dress screamed "try hard!" 
And Santa.

 Oh, hey, sky porn.

The Look:
Dress: Calvin Klein via Marshall's (nearly two years ago)
Shoes: DSW (nearly two years ago)
Belt: Came with another dress
Clutch: Express (years ago)
Necklace & Earrings: my wedding jewelry :)

The Details:
Occasion: Wedding guest

When: night wedding in early August 

Where: ceremony was outdoors and reception was indoors

Comfort Rating: 9 (the shoes mildly hurt, but I danced ALL night in them. Honestly, my feet hurt at the very end of the night and only for about five minutes.)  

Restyling Options: I actually wore this dress first to a rehearsal dinner for a wedding in which I was a bridesmaid. For the rehearsal, I styled the dress a bit more low key with nude and gold accessories, straight hair for a little less formality (for me, at least), and understated earrings. (If the wedding fell during a colder month, I would pair the dress with a cropped black blazer. Shawls don't do crap if it's cold!) 

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  1. Great look! - love the gladiator-like shoes. Do they have a pouf of material down the front? It's hard to tell...

  2. So cute, Danielle! I love a basic dress like this that can be accessorized in different ways. I love that you and your husband matched each other a little bit - it makes for good pictures ;) Your shoes are really, really cute, too!!

  3. stunning red dress! love the fun frills and the red lipstick! great look!

  4. You look stunning in that red dress! I love the ruffle detailing and the modest neckline!

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