Sunday, August 4, 2013

Black Maxi Comfort

This week, prepare for a lot of talk about the wedding we attended this weekend.
We made the 4-5 hour trek to New York for our friends' wedding, and we couldn't have had more fun!
Everyone introduced themselves, so we felt incredibly welcome as "the Marylanders" at the New York wedding. The food was delicious, and they even accommodated my cantankerous digestive system. I ate steak, asparagus, carrots, sushi, gelato, strawberries, honeydew, and pineapple. 
During our past two visits to NY, our friends took us to this Italian restaurant with gluten-free pizza that makes me want to smack a dolphin it's so scrumptious. 

The Look:

Sleeveless Cardigan: Gap (last year)
Maxi Dress: Boscov's (last year)
Sandals: J.Lo via Kohl's
Belt: Target

The Details:

Occasion: What I wore to breakfast (mmmm...broccoli and cheese egg white omelet) with a big group of people from the wedding. (We walked to the diner from our hotel, so no crazy if I'd wear them anywhere.)  I also needed to play passenger for 4-5 hours in the car, so comfort was paramount. And everyone knows maxi dresses/skirts are glorified pajamas. 

When: 10:30a.m.-bedtime

Where: A little bit of indoors and a little bit of outdoors

Comfort Rating: 9 (only because I had to loosen the belt during the car ride)

Comments: I needed the belt for two reasons. One, it gave me some shape. Two, it added a bit of color. I finally learned how to knot a belt. I have arrived, ladies and gents. 

Restyling Options: For work, I'd throw on a printed scarf and solid color cardigan with sleeves because I don't like going sleeveless at work. If it were a bit cooler, I think a jean jacket is the perfect addition. As always, if my hair weren't in a high bun, I'd try a fedora. With the high bun, I could tie a bandana around my head :)



  1. Love this! I have a very similar vest that I love but get stumped wearing sometimes. I'll have to remember how cute this looks and bust out my black maxi skirt!!

  2. Black maxi dresses are just so versatile! I think the black color just makes them look dressier too while being the most comfortable thing ever. Love this look on you!

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