Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Paint.all.the.things. And look cute.

I love to paint.
No, I'm not referring to the slap-some-goo-on-a-canvas-and-call-myself-Picasso-yet-create-something-akin-to-a-toddler's-diaper-contents kind of painting though I do love some oil on canvas. I mean, I love to paint walls, and floors, and (soon) decks. My next job might entail spiffing up vehicles with a new coat of paint. Is that a worthy bucket list item? 

With this whole staging-the-house-to-sell business, I might be reaching my love of painting limit. Why? Well, I'm painting all of these things to look beautiful, but I don't get to enjoy their beauty. Some random stranger benefits from my ninja-like painting skills. What a colossal waste. 
(I am, however, looking forward to helping my sister-in-law paint their dining room. I actually like her, and I'll get to see my contribution every time I visit.)

My next project? Paint the entire basement because husband said so.
Husband might be sleeping in the grass tonight. 
UNLESS. Unless, said husband actually helps me paint.
I've painted nearly every room in our house twice. He has helped me with one room...the first time I painted it. He better help me with this one because it's AN ENTIRE LEVEL
(So many capital letters in this post.)

All I can tell you is that if he nixes the next house based on paint colors, I will dunk his head in a paint-filled toilet until he screams "uncle!" or "Danielle is queen master painter of the universe." Whichever. 

Anyway, I'm wearing paint-covered shorts (it's dried, no worries), which can mean only one thing: my husband is sleeping in the grass tonight. Okay, it means I'm stalling. He just arrived, and I'm about to drop the "you're helping me paint or wearing the paint" bomb. 

Before I leave you, I have yet another comfortable outfit to show you.

(you can see a little pop of color peeking out--my shoes are turquoise.)

The Look:
Shirt: Target (their t-shirts are my favorite t-shirts)
Skirt: Marshall's 
Shoes: Report via DSW? (got 'em maybe two years ago)
Camera necklace: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
Sunglasses: Relic via Boscov's ($10!)

The Details:

Occasion: Long car ride and visiting friends 

Where: Car, friends' apartment, and casual lunch/dinner

When: wake up to fall asleep times 

Comfort Rating: 10 (I could easily fall asleep in this outfit because I did. Jeff's driving makes me nervous, so if I don't willingly put myself to sleep, I'll pass out or throw up.)

Restyling Option: Because I'm incredibly unique and creative, I've also tried this skirt with a bright shirt. Like so:
It's a black and white skirt, so it will pair nicely with a button up, a cardigan, a jean jacket, or a blazer (especially for work).

I like this color combination and the jean jacket. 

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  1. Love this skirt! and it looks fantastic with the bright shirt too!!

  2. That skirt is gorgeous! I've been looking for a good tribal skirt! I like the look with the pink top better :)

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