Thursday, August 8, 2013

Before I Blogged...

I think I knew more about style when I was a young lass who thought construction boots from Payless, flannel shirts, and leggings with stirrups were staple closet items. (Okay, flannel shirts totally still are.) On a weekly basis, I strutted my stuff in bell bottom leggings (oh, they exist), and, hot diggity dog, did I think I was the ish. And I was. You know why? Because I dressed how I wanted to dress and threw caution to the sartorial wind. Yes, I should have reconsidered scrunchy socks and that awful shirt emblazoned with an enormous white daisy, but I rocked them all. I knew what I liked, and poo poo to the naysayers.

Tonight, I decided to cruise down the mean streets of iPhoto and take a gander at the girl before the blog. I'm not sure I ever thought about the entire "look" as much as I do now that I frequent this corner of the cybersphere. Until recently, I'd say that was a bad thing. I became too absorbed in this niche. I started finding (...aaaand, hoarding?) clothes that worked for others and not for me. I experienced a lot of buyer's remorse. I pined over much-too-expensive pieces that I previously never would've glanced at a second time. I wondered why my closet did not consist of 50% J.Crew items. I forgot what I liked about clothes, about my closet, about my sense of style.

And then I ran away from blogging for a month or so.

That time away made me realize that it's cool if I spend an entire week lounging in my sweatpants that begin to harbor one too many corn chip crumbs.  Not everyone has to like what I wear. If I can rock it like I used to rock flannels with leggings, then more power to me. Get down with my bad self. With that being said, I wore a few things that could've been improved by a few simple tweaks. That's what is cool about this neck of the cyberwoods: learning from others what you can put your own spin on without losing your sense of self.

Join me as I recount all of the things I knew and did not know before I blogged...

Before I blogged, I knew how to pose with foliage.
And how to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Before I blogged, I knew how to rock a side part.
And cobalt with black.

Before I blogged, I knew about the skinny belt.

Before I blogged, I knew how to sport a statement necklace.

Before I blogged, I knew about tights with shorts. 
But, I don't know if I had feet.

Before I blogged, I sometimes looked like a Playboy Bunny...on purpose. 

Before I blogged, I knew about the cross-your-legs-while-standing pose.

Before I blogged, I knew that a husband was better arm candy than any purse.

And then this happened...
(I make a pretty sweet Beetlejuice. I know.)

Before I blogged, I knew how to Photoshop. 

 But, did I know how to dance?
(At least my blazer is cute.)

And, of course, I've always had class.

So, riddle me this: what did you know or not know before you started blogging?


  1. Best. Post. EVER. I read this last night on my phone before I went to bed but had to come back today to comment. I love seeing people's pre-blog fashions. I definitely have some awesome pictures I should post one of these days... :)

  2. Love this Post! I have been thinking a lot lately about how joining the blogging world has changed me for the better/worse. I totally agree with you about J.Crew and forgetting to have fun with my clothes. But a few months ago I went to hear Tim Gunn speak and he reminded me about wearing what makes me happy and if I am comfortable in it than "rock it"! Thanks for sharing! And you make an amazing Beetlejuice!

  3. Hahahahah this post is hilarious! I did NOT know about the legs crossed pose, skinny belts, or cobalt blue with black. You already knew it all!

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