Thursday, September 4, 2014

Currently on the bandwagon

Okay, okay, all of you ladies (most recently, I'm looking at you, Heidi) and your "currently" posts enticed me to write one of my own. Plus, if you want full disclosure, then I must admit I have nothing better for you unless you want to hear about how the fan in my classroom almost exposed my unmentionables to my fifth period. Thankfully, the front row did not become the flash zone (not so fun like Sea World's splash zone). Oh, the things for which education classes never prepared me.

Anyway, here I am currently...

wearing: as many skirts as possible in order to combat the heat wave hovering over my classroom.

writing: lesson plans, HTML code for graduate class, Edmodo posts, and to-do lists (just for the purpose of crossing things off of it). In case your mind has wandered to the question, "why is she writing HTML code for her graduate class?" allow me to inform you that my graduate program is Technology Education. Thank you, blogging, I felt ahead of the game when the professor showed us how to code.

anticipating: settlement on our house! Two weddings in the next month! My niece's second birthday party! My friend's baby to arrive! Back to School Night (tonight)! September is full of fun stuff. Life, you rock. Thanks for that.

missing: yoga. Excuse me while I attempt to navigate school, graduate work, and exciting life events. Yoga, I have not forgotten about you and neither have my hamstrings. I think they miss you more than I do.

craving: anything edible because those pop chips have not successfully sustained me before dinner time. Husband, get to cookin'. I'm hangry.

watching: Finding Carter, The Lottery, and Flipping the Block. I do not want any of these shows to end. Can't.stop.watching. Should I fill my day with more productive fodder? Yes, yes, I should.

One day, I will return to the beautiful pictures of yore. Until then, proceed with pathetic mirror pictures. I hope you come here for my personality.

 The Look:
Top: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
Cardigan: New York & Co.
Skirt: Francesca's
Shoes: J.Crew Factory


  1. Oh no! Your fan situation! One day in the middle of class, my lanyard managed to somehow unbutton the top few buttons of my shirt...and my boob was hanging-out. I think I caught it right away but then how does one discreetly rebutton one's top? It was terrible!

  2. You sound busy! I love the Lottery too and this outfit is very cute. I need to wear my skirt like this again before it gets too cool!

  3. You are so busy that just reading your list of things makes me tired. I think you need a nap. :-) I love this skirt with the flowers. Love love love it.

  4. Haha that fan situation is something that would totally happen to me. I was actually on a walk during lunch today (wearing a dress), and I walked by some lawn care people. One had one of those blowers and I was praying he wouldn't turn around as I was walking by to give them a free show... Anyway this is a super cute outfit! I love this skirt :)

  5. Oh goodness, that windy classroom incident would make quite the story for the first month of school now wouldn't it! So glad you avoided the embarrassment. It sounds like September will be insanely busy for you! Here's to staying sane and relaxing with a cup of... tea? Do you drink tea? I realized I don't know that about you. I feel like it's something blogger friends should know about each other, real life friends too of course because how could I ever pop into your classroom and surprise you with something warm if I don't even know what you like?

    Oh and for the record, I come here for your personality first--your adorable outfits are just icing on the cake.

  6. Flash zone! How completely hilarious! I'm glad it didn't quite happen. And of course we come for your personality! Your outfits are just a bonus!

  7. I don't think I've even once gotten away with wearing my chevron skirt without the wind blowing it up a la Marilyn Monroe. And every time that happens, I think "I really should get a slip.. I'd be much more comfortable for people to see my slip than my underwear." I still have yet to get a slip.

  8. I didn't know you were in grad school! That's awesome. I wish I had some training in technology. It would help my very professional blogging career (haha). And I'm glad you didn't flash any high school boys - all I wear is skirts these days too (it's so hot outside) and I have had some close calls walking around campus!

  9. You seriously crack me up. I'm laughing about the fan situation, hahaha. Also, it sounds like September is going to be a fantastic month for you, lady! I can't wait to hear more about how it all goes :)


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