Monday, September 22, 2014

It's on the blog.

After school today, a student said, "Ms. Wo, love your cardigan. Where did you get it?" I said, "Old Navy, online." A student from last year chimed in, "It's on the blog" in a tone that seemed to suggest, "Duh, don't you know anything?" Yes, my students know about this place; no place is safe, of course. They must see my face and hear my voice on a daily basis, so if there were a joke, it'd be on them for reading what I write on here in addition to putting up with my real-life antics. If they did anything other than silently stalk me on here, I am sure they would tell you I sound exactly the same in real life as I do on the blog. (Whitney met me; she surely agrees.)

Currently, everyone has some gross cold. I doubled up on vitamin C and garlic to combat the germs. You sick people need to keep your distance, and if you come too close, I might wipe you down with a Clorox wipe. Do not feel offended. You catch this mini plague for two days, and I contract it for two weeks. Plus, I cannot miss my appointment with the allergist tomorrow for a battery of tests, which will surely result in my feeling as if someone dropped napalm on me. (These tests do not affect people who are allergic to nothing or very few somethings. If, like me, however, you are allergic to the world, these tests set your skin on fire and not in the Katy Perry or Katniss kind of way.)

Jeff took my pictures today with his new phone, a Galaxy S5, which clearly dominates the iPhone 4s in picture quality. He didn't even mind taking the pictures and sending them to me. He probably wants to convince me that my next phone should be a Galaxy S5, not an updated iPhone. Maybe those shameless mirror selfies won't look so...shameful.

The Look:
Cardigan: Old Navy (exact--I'm wearing an XS)
Belt: Francesca's
Dress: Target (similar
Boots: Ralph Lauren via DSW (similar)


  1. I love this outfit! I'm going to try to recreate it with my leopard scarf one of these days. K?

    Also, I love that everyone in your life (including your students) knows about your blog. That seriously makes me so happy, and I'm envious of how confident you are about your blog. Lord knows I still get the shakes when I think about telling people about my blog, haha!

  2. Cute combo! Grant is sick, so I'm pretty made at germs right now. Also, I think I'd die if my 7 the graders knew about my blog. I just don't think they could handle getting a glimpse into my personal life, i can reject their friend invite on Facebook, but I have no control over who reads the blog 😁

  3. Well, Jeff does have a point. I honestly wouldn't have been able to tell that these were camera phone pictures. It makes me feel like my point and shoot is irrelevant, and crappy. Also when you said "on fire" all I could think of was "this girl is on fire" by Alicia Keys. Good luck at your doctor's appointment!

  4. Isn't it crazy how phones have such amazing cameras now? I honestly think my iphone pictures sometimes look better than my regular camera. But my phone doesn't fit on my tripod, so I'll keep using my camera for outfit pictures. I just don't use it on vacations much anymore.

    Anyway, I love this outfit! Leopard for the win!

  5. Oooh, I'm loving the black, cognac and animal print. This always strikes me as such a chic combination! I don't know why I'm still scared by the thought of my students learning about my blog. It's not like I share anything inappropriate. It's bound to happen someday... And good luck with the allergist, I hope he's able to get to the bottom of the problems you've been having!

  6. This is an adorable fall outfit! I can't believe how clear these photos are for being from a phone!

  7. You look lovely here! That cardigan is fantastic. Jeff is right about the Galaxy. I have the 4 and love it. A bit of a learning curve but worth it. These pictures turned out great!


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