Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I kept and what I returned

I always love seeing posts like these from other ladies, so I decided to grace your presence with one of my own. I received a box from thredUP (cost me nothing because I have a lot of credit from sending in several bags).

I kept only two of the items, but thought I'd share everything with you. Do you mind?

Michael Kors dress in XS. 
If I were a few inches shorter, this dress would be perfect. However, I have a 'donk, so this dress rides up too high for my liking. It makes me sad because the material is so thick, and I love the pockets. 

21Hawthorn Dress & Gap Scarf.
I absolutely kept both. I want to wear them every day.

J.Crew Cardigan
It fit a little funny on the sides, so I sent it back. However, I love the colors and print.

J.Crew Dress 
Apparently, I need big armpits because this dress hangs too low. Or I need a chest.
Whichever. Yeah, I returned it. Plus, it's too much a summer color.

LOFT Skirt
I didn't really know what to do with the mottled gray color. It perplexed me. Plus, it sat high on my waist. And it allows my thighs to wave at you. Yep, sent it back. 

That is all.
Oh, I see the dermatologist tomorrow, but I think I figured out the problem.
I'm allergic to the make-up I was using. I changed make-ups three days ago, and my face no longer looks as if poison ivy set up camp on it. 


  1. I'm glad your face is going back to normal. Sensitive skin is no fun! I, too, love what you kept! That scarf looks so cozy! And bummer about that first dress! It's so cute.

  2. When I saw that pink-ish dress I was like "she better have kept that." And you did! It's awesome. I still haven't tried ThreadUp... I am seriously missing out.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love posts like these. I would have kept the same things you did. Also, I'm happy to hear about your face!

  4. Yay I'm glad to hear about your face! That dress and scarf you kept are so perfect- I'm jealous! I've tried ThredUp once before and had success with it- I think I need to try it more often!

  5. Yep, I love seeing posts like this. I agree with your decisions. That maroon dress is just gorgeous! And hooray for solving the face problem! I hope you feel 100% better and don't have to deal with that again!

  6. Too bad about that black and white dress. I liked that one a lot. I'm glad your face is doing better and that you see your dermatologist tomorrow. I can't think of anything funny to say because I spent the morning helping in Elena's preschool class and a child cried the *entire* time and my head hurts. Have a great day!

  7. Hold on hold on hold on... thred up accepts returns??? Ok, now that's a whole new ball game. I've only ordered from them once and the dress I ordered was obviously shruken (is that even a word?) to the max. I was SO disapointed. I feel like it would help if they provided measurements or something! But, now if they accept returns I could always just send it back if it doesnt work out, right? Anyways, enough about me, more on your clothes...
    The first dress- #bigbootyprobz I know the pain
    Scarf, perfect. Dress, even more perfect.
    Maxi skirt- I actually really like it! Looks super comfy :)

  8. I am SOO glad you found out what was making your face fight a WWIII on your face! And that it's such a simple solution. Yay!

    I like seeing the different items you tried. That first MK dress is adorable and totally you. I'm bummed it didn't work out. I have the same issue with fitted dresses and skirts. If it fits in the waist, it's too tight in my huge-in-proportion hips and booty. I tried on a jersey maxi dress at Marshall's the day before yesterday and I looked like I was wearing a mermaid outfit with how much it hugged my body but not in a good way. I was too embarrassed by it to even take a silly picture it in. The dress and scarf you kept are lovely!! I can see you getting tons of use out of it in the fall and winter!

  9. OMGOMGOMG that maroon dress and scarf. I WANT THEM! You look amazing in that color, and the dress fits you perfectly. And that scarf?! So cozy!!! Plus, with that color, you could almost wear it with anything!

  10. That maroon dress is amazing, what an incredible find!! I also really like the printed cardigan, too bad it fit funny.


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