Monday, September 1, 2014

Perfect for dressing rooms

Today, I think I figured out the perfect clothing to wear as I'm shopping: a tank, a swingy skirt, easy-to-remove sandals, and non-dangly jewelry. Typically, I find myself fighting with a top I have to keep pulling over my head, which results in a look akin to unsexy bedhead, so this tank worked perfectly to avoid such a situation. One, I can pull it off like a pair of pants. (Why pull a shirt over your head when you can avoid the whole "my hair now has tentacles" debacle?) Two, when I'm trying on sheer tops, I can wear it under them. Three, when it's sweltering outside, my top does not make me even warmer.

I texted Mom dressing room pictures, and she said, "that belt sure has made its rounds, hasn't it?" Yes, Mom, it has. Thanks for reminding me that I have no idea what I'll do the day this belt dies. And, thanks, Mom, for telling me we'll go on a "mad hunt" for a new one the day that this belt needs replacing. You're the best.

Trendy Tuesday has started up again this school year, so every week, all of the fashionistas and fashionistos in my school will be dressing based on a different theme each week. We'd love for you to join us! We Instagram our cuteness with the hashtag #trendytuesday. Tomorrow's theme is "Something someone gave to you." I plan to wear my elephant necklace and earrings from Momma because elephants make me happy and so does my Momma. (Yes, I realize how awesome my school is for participating in such awesomeness.)

The Look:
Vest: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
Tank: Target
Skirt: LOFT 
Belt: New York & Co.
Sandals: Pink & Pepper via Marshall's
(I did not wearing this outfit to teach; we were off for Labor Day, so I wore it to shop. Of course.)

I sent this dressing room picture to Mom. We decided that this dress should come home with me. However, I realized I would get a better deal by buying it online through Ebates, so I came home and ordered it.  I feel like dresses with sleeves are hard to come by. Am I right?


  1. I love both of these outfits, and Ebates is my favorite thing!

  2. I often find that I don't plan ahead for shopping days and what I should wear. But on the rare times I've thought ahead, I usually go with a loose fitting top, pants or shorts, and easy to slip-on shoes. The tank/cami is a great idea, especially because I feel like 50% of the tops in stores are sheer.

  3. I've learned not to wear print pants when I'm shopping. Yea, they're cute, but every time you hold up a printed top in front of you in a mirror, all you can think is how the two don't go together. That, and no dresses. Because if you just want to try on a top (or bottoms) you're either half naked in the dressing room, or have to go find other clothes. Or at least that's what I've resorted to. BTW, I noticed your room looks clean!

  4. I love your new dress!! A cute dress with sleeves is hard to find. I had bought those two Banana Republic tanks in store and then realized shortly after that they were cheaper online so I ordered them with the intention of returning the first two to the store. Then I look again and now they're half the price of what I paid in store. So now both the in-store and online tops are being returned in store. But hey, I saved almost half! A tank and skirt are the best for thrift store shopping as well. You can try on most tops and dresses over a cami and pants under the skirt if you're feeling super lazy. I've learned the hard way about dangly earrings though...

  5. Your school is definitely cool for going along with your Trendy Tuesdays. How fun! I like the floral dress you found and I do agree, it can be very hard to find dresses with sleeves, particularly short sleeves. It seems like they're either straps of some kind or long sleeves. Anyway, it's pretty!

  6. I think it's way easier to shop in the warmer months than the winter- much less to take off and on! I think this dress is super cute! I do think dresses with sleeves this length are hard to find. Might as well grab them when you can!

  7. I love that dress! And I have no idea what ebates is, so please enlighten me.

  8. I love your shopping outfit! It's very simple, but still super stylish and cute :) And your HAIR?! It's looking mighty fine. I'm glad you got that dress - it looks lovely on you! You're right - finding dresses with sleeves sucks. :(


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