Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bye, Hair.

I didn't chicken out! I actually got my hairs cut. Do you ever feel like, month after month, despite regular trims, your hair refuses to cooperate? Well, my hair has been uncooperative for like six months, so I decided chopping it all off would be a great way to push the restart button. Plus, the house is finally OURS, so new house, new 'do. One enormous fresh start. (Note: our apartment lease expires at the end of October, so we are taking our time moving in since we have the time. Why stress if we don't have to?)

I should have taken a better before and after of my hair, but I think you get the point.

Yeah, my iPhone 4s took the first picture, and Jeff's Galaxy S5 took the last three. Okay, Jeff, your phone wins; in fact, it crushes my phone. Be ashamed of yourself, iPhone. Very ashamed.

The Look:
Cardigan: Target, Mossimo brand (recent but the website is currently down, so I can't link it for you--I got it for $12 thanks to a sale and Cartwheel coupon!)
Pants: Old Navy (as far as I'm concerned, these are the same pants.)
Boots: via Macy's
Belt: Express
Scarf: via DSW

See? I found a new make-up, and it's glorious. No crazy face peeling (yet)! After I've used it for another week or so, I'll write up a review of it in case you're at all curious. 

Thanks to this haircut, I now know how long my neck is. Giraffe. 


  1. I LOVE your new cut! So so cute! My favorite moment after a new haircut is washing it for the first time and using so much less shampoo :) Isn't it funny how we tend to make major changes in our hair when something big happens in life?! I'm so excited about your house. I hope I can see it really soon!

  2. Looks great in you! Very full and pretty. Love the outfit too!

  3. Do you love it?! Because I do! I'm with Whitney-- the first wash is always the weirdest - so much less hair! So much less shampoo! And that cardigan! I've been very good about not having the "omg i have to run out and go buy this thing I just saw on another blogger right now"s ... but that cardigan is a different story! (But I won't go get it because I have to give some students feedback on their essay drafts. blah. #goodteacherproblems)

  4. I love your new haircut! You look so fancy!

  5. Your hair looks amazing!!!! It is such a great cut for you! I'm happy that your face likes the new makeup, too. You're right about your hub's phone, too. Sigh. Make him trade with you, ha ha! Someday I, too, will have a smartphone. Congrats on the house, too.

  6. How you look so adorable--very chic! I love it :)


  7. Love the haircut! It looks so fresh and modern! And you do NOT have a "giraffe" neck- you're gorgeous!! :)

    xo Always, Abby

  8. Hot dang, your hair looks amazing! Seriously, you are a beauty. Also, this cardigan is perfect and I must have it.

  9. I like the new 'do Danielle!! I bet it feels strange when you brush it huh? Now you'll be able to avoid behind the neck hair tangles from the crumb catchers you'll be sporting all winter!

  10. I love your haircut! It looks so good on you! Also, I almost got that same cardigan at Target a couple weeks ago, but decided to go for plain colors instead- I'm regretting my decision now because I love the way you've styled it!

  11. WOW Hot Sassy Danielle. That short round bob suits you so much. It is just hair after all - it will grow back. I cut 8 inches off mine back in June and it has gotten quite long again. =)

    P.S. I adore your sort of Ethnic-looking Cardigan. It is AWESOME!!

  12. Love it! The fun thing about that length is it'll grow fast so you can have fun with different hair styles while it gets longer, and then when you trim it you can do something a little different each time too!

  13. You already know how I feel about your new haircut - it suits you so well!! Also, I really like that cardigan. I wanted one of those open flowy cardigans in a print like this a couple years ago but couldn't find one that I could afford, so I missed out. This one looks so great, though!!! I love how it looks with the olive pants, because olive + black + white is my favorite.


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