Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Itchy gitchi yaya dada

I went to the allergist today. In order to get tested for allergies, you have to stop all anti-histamines for five days prior. I entered a fresh Hell last night as a result of going off my Allegra. Dizziness, nausea, tripping up stairs, itchiness, fatigue, all of that lovely jazz. When my allergies flare up, so does my Sjogrens. Yeah, so, I had to take off work today on account of a full system shut down.

Anyway, after staring at itchy spots I couldn't scratch, I think I received good news. Currently, I no longer have all-year-'round allergies, just seasonal ones! However, as the allergist said, I came "at the worst possible time" because my worst allergy of all, ragweed, is raging outside right now. (That's why going off of Allegra caused so much harm.)  In fact, we even have to wipe down the dogs when we bring them inside because they carry the allergy in on their coats. October 20th, he tests me for contact allergies like gold, nickel, fragrance, and titanium dioxide, which means I should know for sure what caused a poison-ivy-like rash all over my face. Sure, I still have food allergies, but I think those are much more manageable.

Can I just tell you how nice it feels to hear answers instead of more questions? I think knowing is half the battle, really. After 15 years of tirelessly hunting down doctors who wouldn't tell me "it's all in your head," I have more answers than questions. It's nice to know that my doggedness is paying off.  

I missed Trendy Tuesday at work, but I dressed for it anyway and wore my Love Conquers Hate shirt in order to "Support Someone Else."

Oh, tomorrow, I will share some pictures of the new house with you! And my new hair style. And a joke that the seller told us at the settlement table :)

The Look:
Shirt: My colleagues and I gave money to a staff member who got the shirts for us, but you can buy them online.
Jeans: American Eagle, high-rise
Shoes: Gift from my sister-in-law 


  1. Sorry that you have to feel so bad in order to get answers, but I'm glad you are finally getting those answers. I think the biggest fear I had when I first started going to the doctor about my joint pain was that they would tell me nothing was wrong, and I'd have to feel crazy. Answers are better!

  2. I should hope I never have a doctor tell me something is "all in my head." That is not a good doctor. I'm glad you are finally getting some answers, even if it means a lot of pain and discomfort in the process.

  3. Gosh that most be so frustrating to have doctors not trying to find out what's wrong with you for so long! I'm finally going to a specialist for the first time after Hawaii and I'm excited to possibly get some answers.

    Hey what happened to pictures of your new house? ? I'd love to see it!

  4. (Okay, you and I have already talked about your allergy stuff and your new hair, but I just need to tell you that I love your shirt. I'm all about the social justice.)

  5. Love your Trendy Tuesdays. That T-Shirt is great and I love the red loafers. So nice catching up with you. I miss hearing from you as well so welcome back sometimes. =))


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