Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wear Your Aware(ness)

Almost a year ago today, I gave you a "tutorial" on how I skinnify my pants. Instead of donating these pants because the bottoms looked right with one pair of shoes, I decided to skinnify them so that they looked good with any pair of shoes.

When I left the house this morning, I questioned whether or not to bring a spare pair of pants should I encounter a wardrobe mishap that involved unraveling seams. I visited my dangerous side and brought no back-up pants. Luckily, I wore these bad boys all day without a malfunction in sight.

Of course, I think I need to skinnify the right leg a smidge more, but I'm not sure a) it's noticeable enough and b) I care enough.  If the picture turned out a little less grainy, you might be able to tell that this shirt is navy, so use that imagination of yours.

Oh, would you like to join my colleagues and me for Trendy Tuesday next week? The theme is "Wear Your Aware(ness)." What this style challenge encourages you to do is wear the color associated with awareness about a cause close to your heart. Though I don't own much purple, I think I will choose it because it represents not only my own disease, Sjogren's Syndrome, but it also represents anti-domestic violence and Alzheimer's (my beloved Mom Mom suffered from dementia before her death). If you want a pretty comprehensive list of the awareness ribbon colors, go here.

Feel free to write a post on Tuesday of next week about the cause close to your heart and share your outfit in support of it. I think this theme deserves a repeat.

The Look:
Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: J.Crew via thredUP
Pants: Express (so.dang.old)
Wedges: J.Crew Factory (they are SO comfortable, best shoe investment ever.)
Necklace: J.Crew Factory


  1. I think the legs look even to me. I have done this to a pair or two, but not successfully yet. I'm checking out the video and blog you linked to. I think the theme is a great one.

  2. Wow, that list is extensive. I feel like I would be the person in your school to just wear a tie-dye shirt to try to represent as many colors as possible. Purple is also for anti-animal abuse! I'd like to think that includes animals other than just our pets. Also, I hope your face is feeling better.

  3. You look amazing here Danielle! Can I just say how jealous I am that you can cover your arms and legs?? I feel like I've been a constant sweatball for the last month. No AC is no bueno. I'm wish for fall SO HARD right now! Those pants look awesome skinnified. I so wish I could try those shoes on in person. You have me convinced I need them.

  4. I really love this outfit, Danielle! These are some of my favorite colors to wear :) And I think the legs on your pants look quite great! I think I'd like to try and wear purple as well, for pancreatic cancer (my grandma died of this 4 years ago), animal abuse, and domestic violence. Good thing I included my purple tank in my capsule!!! ;)


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