Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Something someone gave to you

Welcome to a new school year and a new set of Trendy Tuesday themes. If you didn't already know, I work in a school where a lot of us, even the fashionistos, get dressed based on a different theme each week. Today, I decided on my elephant jewelry from Momma dukes, a polka dot cardigan from my sister-in-law, and a dress and a pair of sandals that I bought with money from Momma, which technically means those are from her, right?

Please forgive my mirror pictures these days. Juggling an intense grad program, moving, class sponsorship, grading, planning, and life has become a bit more challenging than I anticipated. I'll figure it out soon enough. Finally moving out of this apartment by next month will surely help. I hope.

Fun fact of the day: these sandals didn't fit perfectly until I used my new leather punch from Michael's to punch another hole in the strap. I've already punched holes in some belts that needed tightening, and Jeff plans to use it on one of his belts, too. What an awesome $10 investment that was. I highly recommend it! I bought this one and also used my teacher discount at the register, so it was less than $10. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy today's outfit. Catch me on Instagram, too (@likewo).

The Look:
Dress: Apt. 9 via Kohl's
Sandals: Apt. 9 via Kohl's
Cardigan: Target (gift from sister-in-law)
Belt: New York & Co.
Necklace & Earrings: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's

(I thought you might want to see the dress by itself. So, here it is. By itself.)


  1. I almost bought those sandals on Friday!! But I passed because I thought they were too similar to my glitter ones from Target :/ (and because I already was walking out with a new pair of heels. whoops.) I really like that dress on you! Is it navy/denim or black?

  2. Cute! This leather punch sounds genius too!

  3. I really like this outfit; the dress looks perfect with this belt! I really liked having a leather punch so that I could make more holes in my belts to make them work for my natural waist and for on my hips, without having to have belts in two different sizes!

  4. Ooh, this is a good one! I also think a leather punch is a great idea. My husband has some kind of tool in the garage that he has used to add holes to a few of my belts, so I can wear them on my hips or my waist. It's pretty great. And I really need to give Kohl's a chance. I keep saying this, because I keep seeing cute stuff on other people.

  5. This is such a lovely combination! I have to try a black dress with your cardigan's twin. Those sandals are adorable! I'm sure the little heel makes them more comfortable than similar styles.

    What's next week's theme?

  6. Yes! The return of Trendy Tuesday! A leather punch is such a great tool - my dad has one that I've used a few times with some belts :) I really like this outfit, by the way...another black + brown combo that I love!


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