Friday, November 9, 2012

Gorilla Arm Syndrome

Tonight, I came home to my husband blaring "club" music and cooking a delicious dinner. How did I get so lucky? We proceeded to have a dane party in the kitchen because we're the coolest Friday night couple, of course. I say that as I type this blog post and he buys gifts on Amazon. Bom diggity right here. 

Anyway, Jeff was probably dancing because he knew that I would not be bothering him to take outfit pictures. I seized the dressing room opportunity and snapped some pictures of today's outfit.

Can I tell you that I can't just wear a simple cardigan anymore? Keeping this blog makes me realize that I am showcasing my style to more than just my classroom full of teenagers, so I try to be on my game. Today, my game consisted of some army green, leopard, and gold. Winning combination? Perhaps. 

FYI: Sometimes, when I try to wear button downs with cardigans, I get one arm in just fine, but then the other button down sleeve is disproportionately long compared to the first one I put on, so I end up with a cardigan that looks  off balance. Why does this happen!? I am convinced that one of my arms is longer than the other one. I need to force myself to put on the right sleeve first and see if the same thing happens on the left, but I appear to be a creature of habit. Either way, I think I compensated nicely. Gorilla arms and all. 

Button down & necklace: NY & Co.
Shoes & cardigan: Target
Jeans: Express 

Oh, and leather dresses are not meant for women like me. I'll stick to leather coats and nothing else. Awkward sauce.

That's how it went.

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