Monday, November 12, 2012

Navy, Maroon, and Gray Coordination

On Saturday, I accompanied my best friend, her mom, her future mother in law, and her grammy to look for her wedding dress. She looked beautiful in everything that she put on, and I'm not just making that comment because I'm biased. It's true! 

Note: I did not realize that I would be trying on dresses as well; otherwise, I might have nixed the whole tights plan. Never wear tights to go clothes shopping unless you love peeling off tights only to pull them on again...and again. Or, if you don't try on clothes, but who doesn't do that?

Anyway, I love seeing my best friend *duh*. It makes me so sad that she lives three hours away. We always have a great time when we're together. I sort of hijacked the consultant's job because I started to help Julie try on dresses. I would stick my arms through the top of the dress, and she would stick her head through the bottom of the dress. We started pretending to be Mrs. Doubtfire and saying, "Hellooooo!" when we met in the middle, haha. Sandy, the consultant, seemed none too pleased about my taking her job, but she totally warmed up to our crew. At one point, I was sitting down on a seat that looked like a side table (and felt like a tree stump), trying not to steal Sandy's job, when Sandy reprimanded me for sleeping on the job! I scurried over to continue helping out. She liked us after all :)

Eventually, Julie said it was time for me to try on dresses. Honestly, I'd wear a paper sack if she told me to do so. I happily obliged. We realized that I am most definitely a 2, not a 4 because well, as I told the ladies in the adjoining dressing room, "I do not have 'big ladies;' I have twelve-year-old boys."Amusing, sad, and true. When I put on the dress that we ended up choosing, I swear angels were singing. Would you like to know why? THERE WERE POCKETS! What a sweet treat for my hands. Pockets? Oh my gosh, deliciousness. 

Although it is overwhelmingly exhausting, there is just something about the wedding planning process that makes it magical. Am I right? 

I'm too cheap to get my hair done right now, so I'm going to see if I can rock the ombre look. 

In case I wanted to feel a bit like I was driving Miss Daisy. 

Blazer: Old Navy (not jean, but this navy one would do the job)
Blouse: The Limited (same one)
Skirt: Old Navy (same one here)
Tights: Simply Vera for Kohl's ($6.50 for these)
Wedges: Marshalls 
Necklace: NY & Co. 
(So many women were amazed by how coordinated my outfit was. Ah, awesome.)

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