Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Number 2

On Saturday, we celebrated a second Thanksgiving with Jeff's family. At first, Jeff put on a wrinkled t-shirt. I informed him that he needed to change, and this was his change. Hotness. I love a simple, white polo and blue jeans! 

I opted for an burnt orange sweater, matching scarf, and boots. I figured burnt orange was a very fall color. No?

This leather jacket? I have been looking for one for a long time, but they were all too short or too cheap looking or too expensive. This one, I found on Black Friday! I bought it at Wilson's Leather for $41 down from $180. You're impressed, right? I am, too.

Also, I've been looking for a versatile brown and black purse. Everything has been either too expensive, not exactly what I'm looking for, or not big enough. This one had handles to hold or a strap to make it a crossbody bag. It has four pockets, and it's wonderful. Please note that I very rarely buy purses. (I bought two on Black Friday because I was actually willing to pay the prices.)

Edit: I forgot to add this article about the meaning of Black Friday, which I fully intended to include! I am still not sure about the validity of articles from 

Sweater: Target ($15-size small)
Jeans: The Limited (on super sale last year)
Boots: Franco Sarto from Marshall's ($99)
Scarf: Francesca's 
Leather Jacket: Wilson's Leather ($41)
Purse: Naturalizer ($30 down from $60)

Please enjoy this picture of Jeff jumping on one foot and singing Disney songs. Nothing sexier than a man comfortable enough with himself to act foolishly during a game of Disney Cranium. (How can we say no to our niece?)

Hanging out at Jeff's sister's house was so relaxing. We ate a delicious meal, sat in front of the fire, enjoyed some hot tea, and shared some wonderful conversation. This year, I'm thankful that I married into a sweet family :)


  1. Love Jeff's model pose...thinking he should look into a new career path! You guys are adorable!

  2. Haha, I thought he looked pretty dapper, too! And thanks, we try :)


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