Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Berry Wonderful

My new intern started today, and he already complimented my outfit. It looks like he's quickly learned the way to my shallow heart. 

I happened across this frock in my closet awhile ago (why was I neglecting it!?), and when I spied these burgundy tights at Target, I imagined this outfit. I do believe I succeeded in the execution of this get up. Sometimes, I think of what seem to be great pairings, but they turn out terrible, sort of like my bangs that I cut on my own. (Thank you to the lovely stylist who fixed them.) 

Granted, I think I already have a fuzzy spot on my tights because I kept grazing the velcro on one of my students' jackets that was hanging over his chair. Damn kids and their stuff all hanging out in the aisles. I am always tripping over their bookbags and unsuccessfully squeezing by their chairs. I imagine their parents feel this same frustration when they leave this same crap strewn all over the house. Like I said, damn kids. 

 This size heel is perfect. I feel a bit like baby bear: "they're not too high; they're not too flat; they're juuuuuust right." Is there a pair of shoes you put on and think, "yes, I'm happy to wear you today." These shoes are it for me. 

Cardigan: Target ($15-current)
Dress: LOFT (old old old)
Tights: Target ($8)
Shoes: BCBG at Boscov's (scored 'em for $20! I know, right?)

What do you think of the darker locks? Am I working them?

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