Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bathroom & Bench Preview

In the midst of this political storm, I thought I would share the storm within our house. Currently, Jeff is building a windowseat for me, and we're finishing the upstairs bathroom. Since I have no picture of today's outfit (yet), I thought I would provide you with some sneak-peeks of our still unfinished projects. 

The only picture I have of my windowseat. My handyman husband even rerouted the socket so that it would not be trapped inside of the seat, but rather on the outside of that same wall. He's so clever :)

In the bathroom, here is the new wall paint (light) versus the old wall paint (dark). Can I tell you how much I love this new gray? It's gray without being dull; it's a bright sort of gray. Oxymoron?

Meet our old, craptastic floor, which I loathed.

Meet our new, $30 flooring. Those stick-on tiles are the bomb.com. I tell you what. And the gray in this floor just so happens to match the gray of the walls. Ah, happy coincidences.

Because I am undeniably, hopelessly addicted to stripes, I added just one navy stripe to the wall above the shower. I knew that artwork would get soggy with the steam, a clock would fog up, and I suck at stenciling. However, I needed something visually stimulating. A stripe always fits the bill for me. I am still debating whether or not I should add small white stripes on either side of the navy stripe. I'll sit on it for awhile.

It was too wet outside to spray paint my light plates, so I covered those bad boys with some scrapbook paper.

Additionally, I created some artwork using the same scrapbook paper. For the record, the whole reason I decided on "artwork" right here is because I straight up destroyed the wall behind it. I tried to hang a shelf, and I ended up with a gaping hole in the wall. I tried to screw in the wall anchor that comes with the shelves, and it just shot right through the hole. There is now a screw and a wall anchor just chilling behind my wall. I wonder what else lives in there? Uck, creepy.

I patched up the hole, but to save my wall from further damage, I just asked Jeff to hang some artwork. I'm satisfied. And look at how the horizontal beadboarding in the frame goes with my horizontal navy stripe. BAM!

The beginnings of Jeff's fixing of the first hole in the wall that I created by removing the fugly medicine cabinet. I still need to sand and paint it. Jeff is framing it, too. We just need time first. Where does one buy time? Oh, and see the light plate? Ain't she purdy?

Of course, all the girls care about is crisps. Little moochers.

 Oh, and just so that you know I do get dressed in the morning, here is my outfit for a Saturday spent proctoring the SATs


  1. I love the how the flannel and necklace work together without being obnoxiously matchy. It looks like a super cute outfit :)

  2. Great job with your bathroom remodel! I think the lighter gray was definitely a good idea. It brightens up the room and opens it up. It also goes great with your new flooring. Since bathrooms are small, it’s a good idea to use lighter shades to make the room look bigger. It also helps spread the light, which means you can use a lower wattage of light bulb and save a little bit of money on electricity. It’s great to know how much a little bit of bright paint can do!


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