Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I bought a boy's shirt.

Before I show you today's outfit, allow me to show you today's purchase, a boy's shirt. Yes, I plan to wear it. Since my top half is built like a twelve-year-old boy, this shirt fits quite perfectly. I am not letting you see the bottom of it because I'm not wearing pants. I'm sorry that you know that information now, but I felt it was important to let you know. Rest assured that the hemline reaches past my behind. AWESOME. I find a lot of women's shirts are too short. I really am built like a twelve-year-old boy. 

Also, this top was $12.99 at Target. (It's a size "large.")

I originally wanted this shirt from J.Crew, but they didn't really have my perfect size, and it was  $34.50 (even if I got 30% off, it'd still be more than I'd want to spend). As a result, I said no.

Tell me you're proud. I need to hear it (er, read it?). My mom said, "that's my savvy little shopper!" Mommy loves me.

Without further ado, here is today's outfit, which was mighty comfortable. Don't ask me why I forgot to remove my sunglasses. Just start singing, "I wear my suuuunglasses at night" in your head, and all will be well. Unless you kill cats when you sing. In that case, all will not be well.
 I love this coat because the liner is thick and so soft. Can you believe I found it for $20 at Forever 21? Woot woot.

Top: Old Navy (size small)
Scarf: Friend brought it to me from India! I love it. 
Mustard-colored pants: Target (size 5)
Boots: Steve Madden (last year)

Do you find clothes in unexpected places? Do tell.

Oh, and Happy Early Turkey Day! :)

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