Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Blazer Addiction

I like tights. I like burgundy. I like lace. I LOVE blazers. Honestly, I could fill my entire closet with blazers and still feel like I could buy five more. When my friend, Amy, and I were in middle school, we bought these olive velvet blazers, and we felt beyond cool. In fact, we always reminisce about how we wish those blazers still existed. To be honest, mine might still be living in my parents' crawl space. Maybe I'll crawl through the cobwebs sometime to check out the sitch-e-ay-shun (how my dad says it). 

I included the following picture just because my dogs amuse me. Yes, Squirt is licking me and Roxy is creeping.

Blazer: Lauren Conrad for Kohls (LOVE.HER.STUFF)
Dress: Marshalls 
Necklace: NY & Co.
Tights: The Limited (good prices at Forever 21)
Boots: Still can't remember...sad. They're White Mountain, so maybe DSW?

What item of clothing can you not stop buying? Anyone else have a blazer and coat addiction?

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