Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10 Picture Poses to Strike

So, I follow a lot of fashion blogs. I won't actually tell you how many because I'm not sure whether or not I should be ashamed about it. Until I figure out which emotion I should feel, I'll keep my ever-growing number a secret. 

Since I browse so many blogs, I have started to pick up on some key poses that seem to flatter many body types. I thought I would share some of these poses with you. 

For the record, these poses do not apply to just people who write fashion blogs. These poses are supposed to help every girl find a few poses that work for her when she's posing by herself in a picture. I'm sure you have engagement photos, wedding photos, holiday photos, and other photos that might require you to pose alone. If so, these poses give you a nice little 

Pose #1: You Put Your Hand Up On Your Hip...
(Did you just have a 90s flashback? Good.)
One arm at hip, shoulders back, and other arm at side  (feel free to rest this hand on your leg or put the thumb of this hand through your belt loop)

Pose #2: Purse as prop***
To showcase your purse/bracelet(s) and prevent at least one arm from looking awkward, hold the purse in the crook of your elbow and bring your hand up. You can place the other hand on your hip, in your pants pocket, on your belly (like the lovely blogger below), or rested on your leg.

Pose #3: Purse on shoulder
Maybe you're feeling bloated on this day, and you want to show your outfit without showing your midsection. Make it look like you're showcasing your purse/bracelet(s) by slightly turning to the side, bending one knee, and putting that same foot farther back. Place your other hand in your pocket, on your leg, or on your hip. Just don't hide if behind your back. 

Pose #4: Hands in pockets
I recommend not putting your entire hand into your pockets; otherwise, you look handless, and that's kind of weird unless you actually have no hands. In that case, I don't mean to be handist. I have nothing against handless people, just something against people who make it look like they're handless when they're really not. 

Pose #5: Hands on lapels*** 
Sometimes, I don't know where to put my hands. I feel like they're just hanging around wondering, "hey, where do you plan to put us?" This pose solves the problem. 
P.S. I love this outfit!

Pose #6: Embrace the Awkward
Just do something awkward and go with it, especially if you're awkward in real life. 

Pose #6: Hide yo' face***
Sometimes, I don't like my make up, or I don't feel like making googly eyes at the camera. This pose allows the shot to look a little more candid, and I don't feel like people can zoom in on my nose hairs. Turning your head a bit makes you look desirable yet unattainable. Ow ow. 

Pose #7: Look back
Show off your 'donk. Enough said.

Pose #8: The New Artsy Shots
Gone are the days of foggy bathroom shots. Here to stay (for a hot second) are the days of downward shots. Hey, and it has a slimming effect?
Detail shots are also pretty artsy (some are even quite frame worthy.)
My wedding shot (by Eric Stocklin) is a pretty good example.

Pose #9: Cross Your Legs!***
Crossing your legs helps make your hips look less wide. I like this model's shot because her shoulders sort of match the way her legs are crossed. Plus, one hand is in a pocket. Looks sharp. 

 Pose #10: Hold your elbow***
I didn't know what to call this pose, and the title of it makes it sound awkward, but this pose is HUGE among fashion bloggers. And they don't look awkward striking this pose. Hey, even the models for Banana Republic are doing it. You know it's legit now.

***These shots are some of the most common ones I see.

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