Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Dude's Duds (and mine, too)

So, my husband wears a lot of hideous shoes. Okay, maybe I'm not being fair. I love bright colors, too, but I at least try to coordinate my bright colors. He, on the other hand, does not. On Sunday, he wore white shorts (whatever, that "no white after Labor Day" rule was ridiculous to begin with), a plaid shirt, and then those shoes you see in the right corner of this picture: 
He hates to shop. I mean HATES it. I think it stems from his frustration that stores simply do not carry his size (31x33 pants), so he gave up, which means his mom and I are left to find him clothes. Not fun, especially since 31x33 is not the same everywhere. How can that be true? It's not like a size 2, which understandably vary, but how can a measurement change? I'm confused.

Luckily, I conned him into trying on two pairs of shoes! One step for my husband, one enormous leap for this wife. Oh, the best part? He loved both pairs. Looks like I know what to buy him for Christmas ;) Okay, one of those pairs in addition to some fun car stuff. No boy (well, not my boy) wants only shoes for the holidays. He loves his electronics and tools. 

He loved this pair of Sperries, too. Oh, there is hope for him yet.

Also, we found his mannequin twin.

Not only did he put on some shoes, he happily agreed to try on blazers! Be still my heart. By the way, the salesman suggested he put on the shades for this picture. Hys-ter-ical. And hot. Very, very hot. YUM.

Because you're lucky, I'll show you today's outfit. Actually, I'm not nearly as cute as he is, but here you go.

I looked for a long time to find a formidable white blouse. I found this one at Old Navy for less than 30 beans. I know you're proud :) It's actually long enough. Most of these shirts are too short for my liking.

For the record, I really wanted to wear sweatpants to work today. I was this close. However, I exercised some self control, and here we are.

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Marshalls (they're Aersoles and SO comfortable!)
Jewelry: NY & Co.

Please enjoy the following picture. Jeff was peeling potatoes in the living room because he didn't want to miss his show. He gives me so many reasons to love him. (Our dogs are pretty funny, too.)

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