Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wearing Halloween without Looking Halloween (maybe)

In honor of October, I decided to style one orange shirt several ways. Okay, okay, to be honest, I styled it in four ways to see if it was worth saving. Congratulations, shirt, orange you lucky to have earned your keep? (I couldn't help myself.)

Since we will be moving into an apartment and out of our house on Halloween, dressing up and handing out candy isn't really an option. Wearing orange is the best I've got. 

As the move inches closer and closer, I realize how much I will miss our neighbors. Why can't we plant them in the neighborhood of our next home? When we moved in several years ago, the Snowmageddon hit. Welcome to home ownership! I brought you Mount Everest! Our neighbors brought out some bourbon and helped shovel our driveway. (They also watched from their windows as my ridiculous husband climbed onto the porch roof in his no-traction sneakers and used a piece of molding to golf swing snow off the roof. Luckily, if he were to fall, an eight-foot mound of snow would've caught him.) Granted, we live so far from work and find ourselves so exhausted from the drive that we cannot hang out with our neighbors as much as we'd like. I hope our next home has neighbors who are just as lovely and come bearing rum (specifically the Cruzan mango kind) instead of bourbon. One of my colleagues said this winter, according to the Farmers' Almanac, will be a doozy. I am trying to determine whether that's a better or worse thing in an apartment? I cannot be sure. 

Anyway, enough about me, more about the clothes. I know I know. 


Shirt: Gap
Sweater: The Limited
Pants: Express
Necklace: Kohl's
(I think the ensemble would look even better with a gold belt. Agreed?)


Same Shirt (obviously)
Blazer: NY & Co.
Skirt: Merona via Target
Necklace: Target
(I think the creepy dog really contributes something special to this look.)

Chambray: Old Navy
Belt: American Eagle (dude's section...bought it in MIDDLE SCHOOL!)
Pants (they're winter white cords): Forever 21
Scarf: Francesca's

Cardigan: gift from my sister-in-law :) (it's from Target)
Belt: Target (years ago)

I know this look is quite Halloweenie, but I wholly approve. Why must orange and black always mean Halloween, yellow and black always mean bumble bee, red/white/blue always mean July 4th, and red/green always mean Christmas? WHY?! If my outfits make me look like an insect or a holiday, then so be it. 

Just in case you want some pinteresting orange looks, I compiled all of them into one image for your pinning (or not) pleasure. 

I hope everyone is having a (pumpkin) smashing weekend. 


  1. I love them all!!!! Especially with the polka dot cardi!!! Your dogs are soo stinking cute in your pictures. :)

  2. Love the first and last outfit the best. You dogs are too funny. They look like they love to relax :)

  3. I really love the last one! I actually thought that belt and cardi were navy which is why I liked it so much. But yes, orange and black for Halloween is an easy choice :)
    Exploring My Style

  4. I agree with you about the color pairings! I'm completely fine with orange and black, or yellow and black... but I do admit that red and green together feel wayyy too Christmasy for me. I don't mind like a deep red with a deep green, though... I love how you styled your orange shirt! Orange has always been a hard color for me, but it looks lovely on you :)


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