Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gingham? Isn't that plaid?

I wore this outfit yesterday in preparation for the gingham and plaid link up. One of my juniors raised his hand to ask a question. When I looked at him, I exclaimed, "What!? Gingham twins?" Yes, yes, he was donning a similar blue and white gingham shirt. Obviously, he's an awesome kid. Of course, I then had to explain to several students that this print is, in fact, gingham, which is not, in fact, the same thing as plaid. Sheesh.

If you would be at all interested in a post about how I make it three-four days rocking hair like this, please let me know. I've finally whittled the process down to a fine science, and I'm even impressed with myself. However, I don't want to spend the time writing such a post if very few people will read it. Disclaimer: I am not a hair stylist, but, along the way, I have picked up several tips from the multiple stylists who have worked with my mane. I can show you my methods of hair washing (okay, not really "show" you...yikes), blow drying, and everyday styling (which saves me quite a bit of sleep time.)

The Outfit:
Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Marshalls
Pants: The Limited
Flats: Old Navy 
Belt: NY & Co.

The Details:

Occasion: Teaching all the live long day

Comments: LOVE these pants from The Limited; they're exact stretch straight leg. Perfect amount of spandex, perfect amount of awesomeness. I also love these flats. I've been searching for a pair this color, and Old Navy did not disappoint. Is anyone else noticing how out of the park Old Navy is knocking it lately? I can barely control myself in there. Good thing I have $40 in Old Navy cash. Woot!  I'm chomping at the bit for it to finally be valid. I am eyeing a pair of black flats like these and those cute sweaters with the sparkly elbow patches are lovely. Oh, and I need a new gingham shirt. This one sucks at tucking into pants. Good thing the cardigan covered it up. 

Jeff and I watched This Means War last night. Can I just tell you how much I love everything Reese Witherspoon wears in that movie? I am in love with every.single.outfit. I even died over the gray sweatshirt she was rocking out in. It's a cute movie, but you could watch it just to drool over her wardrobe. Not kidding. 

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  1. I love those pants! Between you and Franish I need to see if they'll work for me. I really want a pair of burgundy skinnies/straight pants this fall. I would love a post on how you manage to make your hair look good after multiple days without washing.

    1. Yes! Can you give us some cute fall outfit ideas/pants? I need some help updating/revamping my closet!!

  2. I've love to hear how you rock the 4th day hair! I typically wait that long also but It's always pulled up into a bun on day three and four. Plus you always have such pretty curls to make us stubbornly-long-straight-hair girls jealous.

    Exploring My Style

  3. Danielle,

    I just have to say that I am always so jealous of your entire wardrobe. If I could I would steal your entire closet. I look to your blog for outfit ideas before I go shopping. So thank you. And yes, I would love to know how to get 4th day hair, that’s fantastic!

  4. You look so cute! I really like this outfit - I'm finally figuring out how to layer a button up under a sweater/cardigan without the sleeves getting super bunchy, like you've done here. It's such a great, polished look! I'm super impressed with your ability to rock 3rd-4th day hair like this. I'm not sure it would work with my short hair, but I'd be interested to see how you make it work!!


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