Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Peter Pan?

Moving might just be the world's best way to convince yourself that there's shit you don't need, and there's a lot of shit I just don't need. 72 electric tea lights? Go away. 

Of course, then you realize how much shit you really have. And, quite often, you have many of one particular item...in every color. 392 blankets in a basket puked on by rainbows and ponies? 
WHY NOT 397? 

And I'm dropping the s bomb on you. A lot. 
I think there is something in the blood of high school teachers that makes us potty mouths. Or, I just hang out with equally sailor mouthed individuals. Or, I'm a terrible influence. Or, both. Furthermore, my Mom Mom always told us that "shit, damn, and hell" are fair game. 
Thanks for the validation, Mom Mom. 

The Outfit:
Scarf: Handmade by Momma dukes
Top: Old Navy (recent)
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: Clearance rack at Target
Boots: Macy's
(I think the belt came with a dress?)

The Details:

Occasion: Teaching

Notes: If this skirt hangs on the clearance rack at your Target, BUY IT. It's the perfect length, the material is comfortable, and I found it for $15. Do I look like Peter Pan? Why do I feel like I look like Peter Pan? 

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  1. If this is Peter Pan than he is the cutest, most stylish flying boy there ever was! Great scarf, your mom is a talented lady!

  2. Did you just get this skirt? It's super cute. I haven't had any luck at Target lately, but this skirt is as good a reason as any to give it another shot! I can't wait until I move, I'll finally have an excuse to get rid of so much crap. I am only holding onto it because I don't believe I have a good reason to get rid of it. "You mean there's still a little bit of lotion in the bottle? Even though I can't get it with the pump, I can still take the pump out and get some more lotion from it." See what I mean? If I were moving, that would get pitched, right away.

  3. LOVE the outfit! My husband has always said he can tell when the school year has started because then I start cursing like a sailor. i think we bottle it all up inside at work and then have to let it out somehow!

  4. This is so pretty! That scarf is the perfect color for fall!

  5. It's the emerald green flowy skirt, but you definitely don't look like pPeter Pan, You look like the most lovely teacher :) GREAT outfit! Popping by to say hello (I'm a newlywed South African living in South Korea and blogging my search for pretty-ness). Looking forward to following your blog!



  6. 1. LOVE your outfit - that skirt is lovely, and I think it's exactly the shape of skirt I've been looking for. And the color? Perfect.
    2. I have a wicked potty mouth as well - oof. It's bad. (I'm kind of a really crude and disgusting person in my real life...)
    3. I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT MOVING! Kevin and I have been talking about moving lately, and all I can think about is how great it will be to finally be able to get rid of so much o this shit we've been hanging onto for years. Some things we literally have only touched moving them from place to place...so obviously we won't miss them when they're gone...

  7. That scarf is seriously pretty. The color, the length, it's all perfect.
    Exploring My Style

  8. I love the burnt orange with forest green.. Such a cool combo, I wouldn't have thought of it myself!

  9. Cute outfit! Your scarf looks so cozy!

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