Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I love my brown boots.

Welcome to another shameless dressing room selfie. I'm not entirely sure what selfie isn't somehow linked to shame, but that's a story for another day. Before I got mah hur did tonight, I stopped into LOFT to return a dress. 

I exchanged it for this skirt. I love it. I've been looking for a red skirt, and this one fits like a dream. Plus, it was on the clearance rack. Double win for me. 

And why do I love my brown boots?
They go with all the things (in my closet)! 

I walked into LOFT wearing the following outfit:
I'd like to call this my Robin Hood color scheme. Where are my bow and arrow? 
(The pants are hunter green.)

The Outfit & Details:
Cardigan: Old Navy (need more colorrrrs)
Pants: Gap (by far my FAVORITE skinny jeans. I want more. and more. and more.)
Belt: Francesca's
Top: Old Navy
Boots: Franco Sarto (favorite shoe designer) via Marshall's
Necklace: Target

Comments: I really love the colors in this outfit, and people stopped me to throw down some comments at my beautiful booted feet. I originally planned to wear a black silk top with black boots, but I changed my mind this morning. (Yes, I pick out my clothes the night before.) Good change? I think so.


  1. Love this skirt, I got it in blue. The Robin Hood look is great too :)

  2. Oooh, girl, you are so cute! I love the outfit you wore to the store...and that skirt? SO CUTE. I'm loving these deep reds right now!

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  4. Yes! Cute outfit! I'm still waiting for this cardigan to come in. And, uh, yeah, that skirt is perfect!

  5. I also pick out my clothes ahead of time--except I do it at least a week in advance. :)

  6. These are both such cute outfits! I wear my brown boots all the time you would think I don't own anything else :) Great score on the skirt too. It's really cute with the pleat in the front. Heather

  7. Any time I wore green jeans and brown or cognac boots, I'd call it my Robin Hood look, too! Crazy! That skirt is so cute! I wish I had a Loft near me so I could try it on. Last year I tried on a skirt in a 0 that was too big, and a 6 in another skirt that was too small. Talk about inconsistency! I really adore the look you wore into the store :)

  8. You should show your boots from the side so we can see just how beautiful they are!
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