Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pop o' Green

Thanks to a student from last year, I feel like a leprechaun every time I wear emerald green. 

I wish I had something clever to share with you, but I'm running on empty. 

Enjoy my pretty outfit and the bags under my eyes. 

The Outfit:
Jean Jacket: Old Navy
Skirt: Marshalls
Shoes: ModCloth
Scarf: Street vendor in NYC

The Details:

Occasion: Teaching

Comments: Previously, I wore the skirt like this. I went with a straight black and white look. This time, I needed a pop of color. Why not green? My only issue with this skirt is that the lining is shorter than the skirt. If I sit for too long, it bunches up. Not comfortable. Not lady like to readjust. 


  1. I'm pretty tired too. I went to a conference today about RTI that was actually really good, but now my mind is swimming with ideas, all of which I want to implement tomorrow.... You look great, I love the print of this skirt!

  2. Looks great! The green looks perfect with the black and white skirt!

  3. Love this look! That scarf is so pretty!

  4. Love your posts! It would be awesome to know more about how your lovely locks. :) Can you post links to similar pieces or maybe do one big post once in a while of cute things you love/favorites (i know you are busy being the coolest teacher in town) ? Thanks!

  5. Love that the scarf and flats match! And the pop of color looks great with the otherwise neutral outfit.


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