Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pinterest Tells Me I Look Pretty In...

Awhile ago, I learned from the interwebs that you can be all creepy and check out who pins images from your blog, which surely comes as no surprise to many of you bloggers. However, if you were otherwise in the dark, allow me to enlighten you. It's so simple. 

Type the following into your web browser: OF YOUR BLOG GOES HERE

For example, to find pinned images from my blog, I would go to:

I think it's not just creepy but also quite interesting to see which outfits get the most press. 

Here are some of my best fall/winter outfits according to Pinterest:

(This one just so happens to be one of my best looks. Find the original post here.)

I never rewear outfits (except for pajamas), but I am making an exception with this look. I remember how comfortable and chic I felt in this outfit! Find the original post here

Sadly, I had to retire this blazer because of my gorilla arms, and hugging myself no longer felt fun. It felt...constricting. Self hugs should always feel lovely. 
Can someone please help me find a navy blazer replacement?
I've looked for so long. I'm growing weary because of this fruitless quest. 
Find the original post here.

The wrinkles on these pants birth baby wrinkles. As such, they needed to go the way of the navy blazer. Either way, everyone loves the mustard pants inspiration. Who can blame them? Mustard pants, minus wrinkles, are hand-clapping awesome. 
Feel free to check out the original post here

Speaking of mustard, those pinners can't get enough of it.
I can't find this skirt. I think I donated it. Oops. 
Find the original here

The last one makes me very happy because it features my favorite blazer: the cobalt blue beauty. (In case you're new around here, I have upwards of 40 blazers. A problem? Only for my husband who searches for closet space in vain.) 
She's pretty. I know. (Not me, silly pants. The BLAZER.)
Find the original wonderment here

Ultimately, I think my cognac Franco Sarto boots captivate people. Why wouldn't they? They're glorious, and, with the trouble this stupid toenail is giving me, they're the only footwear I can wear without discomfort. I'd also like to draw your attention to the fact that my hair is different in every single photograph. 

Favorites? Wondering why on God's green earth people even pinned one/some/all of these images?


  1. FORTY BLAZERS?!?!?! wow.

    Now I'm curious to see if anybody pins anything from my blog!

  2. Everyone and a while I check too, it is interesting :) a lot of fun looks here!

  3. Thanks for the pinterest tip :)
    Love that cobalt blazer!

  4. I really like the boots in the second photo. I knew about this feature, but my images don't get pinned too often (other than by me). I think the ones that often do are the ones where I'm not looking at the camera. I think people on Pinterest like that. I might have to start taking more photos like that and seeing if it affects my pin rate haha. Ultimately, all of your photos are totally adorable, and you change your hair a lot!

  5. I've checked mine before, I think it's interesting! No wonder all of these outfits got pinned like crazy, because they are all adorable++ (<--way more than regular adorable, k?)

  6. The pinks dont lie! These are all super cute outfits...looks like I've got some new pinspiration ;)


  7. That was a sad revelation. Only three of my outfits have been reposted to the same person. I mean that's cool, it's a start. Anyways...

    That picture with your mustard pants, I totally remember that! It could even be one of the first pictures I found on Pinterest before discovering your blog. Gotta love mustard. And that last blazer, so beautiful. I am super jealous of your 40 blazer collection. Do you wear them all or tend to wear the same few?

    Exploring My Style

    1. I guess I lied. 5 outfits from two people. Woo! Haha Have a great weekend! :)

  8. I never knew about this! Thanks so much! I was always wondering how to find out what people pinned from my blog.
    Penniless Socialite
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  9. I didn't know this trick! Pretty cool. And I love the images everyone pinned of your outfits. Super cute!



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