Sunday, October 6, 2013

Apple Pickin' Jeans

Okay, they're actually corduroys (a word I can NEVER spell the first time), but you catch my drift.

I felt like a weekend post, which is code for "I didn't feel like grading papers quite yet, and I'm desperately trying to avoid a nap." Plus, I finally did something on the weekend other than sleep and grade. With our parents, we picked apples at an orchard ten minutes from our house. After all, if we move within the year (someone must buy it first), then we should first squeeze in all of the fun activities this town has to offer.

Tomorrow, my co-teacher and I are driving to Virginia to attend a co-teaching conference. (SO GLAD she's driving because I hate hate hate driving in that state.) At my last school, I lucked out with the ESOL teacher who co-taught with me. At this school, I've lucked out with the special educator who co-teaches with me. So many co-teaching relationships are wrought with dysfunction, which is why I feel blessed to be a part of an effective pairing. It makes the charting of our progress on these new standards much more bearable because I have a partner in the madness.

I whipped these pants out of storage because they're my winter white corduroys. I forgot how deliciously comfortable they are. And the perfect length. But not so perfect in 85 degree weather. Holy pants on fire. Oh, and can I tell you how gleeful I am that so many people have embraced white past Labor Day? It was a stupid "rule" in the first place. Right?

The Outfit:
Hat: Target
Pants: Forever 21
Shirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Converse via DSW

The Details:
Occasion: Apple picking 
Comments: ummm...should have worn shorts. It's still pretty toasty here in Maryland. Whatever, I felt cute. I can suffer a smidge for cuteness. These pants, though warm, are very comfortable, and I love my new Old Navy shirt. I have monkey arms, so it works only when I roll the sleeves. I'm a sleeve roller anyway, so it's okay. 

I also decided to play in my closet yesterday.
I came up with these three shirt combinations.
Have a favorite?


  1. Oh my gosh, I love them all! I have a pair of grey cords from AE that look a lot like yours and I agree, they are so comfortable!

  2. Apple picking sounds like so much fun! You and the hubby look like you are dressed for different seasons :) I have worn that same stripes shirt/ mustard cardi combo. Great minds think alike!

  3. I desperately want to go to an apple orchard with Kevin this fall, but we need to both have a weekend free where we don't have a ton of homework to do :( We live by a bunch of orchards though, so at least travel time wouldn't be too much of an issue! I love your outfit with the cords and chambray shirt!! You look comfy and cute :) As for the bottom three outfits? I LOVE the first one with the striped shirt/mustard cardigan combo. Seriously. LOVE.

  4. Oo I like the second! That is such a unique print and color combination, and I love that you belted it shut! Too cute!

  5. Oh my gosh, that cardigan. I'm pretty sure I spotted it when I first found your blog and fell in love with it but couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I think that's where my love for the tribal cardigan began. Luckily, I found one I love (and am wearing it now) but with black and tan.

    And heck yes on the white after labor day! They don't call it winter white for nothing right?
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