Friday, October 11, 2013

Momma, Oooo ooo ooo ooo *cue Queen instrumentals*

One of my juniors had never heard "Bohemian Rhapsody," so I had to rectify that little situation for a whole six minutes. Total teachable moment, no?

So, one of the many reasons I love fall and winter? I have a pretty awesome boot collection. 
Today's pair of boots is compliments of my Momma. 
As you can see, her taste in footwear kicks ass. 
She buys shoes (usually boots) that she really likes but finds out they disagree with her ankle, so I adopt a new pair of shoes. Considering I love her taste in shoes (especially boots), I will never pass up an opportunity to take on another pair of hand-me-down shoes.
People kept stopping me to compliment my boots, and I obviously told them that Momma gave them to me, to which one person responded, "Your MOM picked those out? She has good taste in shoes. Those are sexy."
Thanks, Momma! 

The Outfit:
Boots: From Momma :)
Cardigan: LOFT
Blouse: Old Navy
Pants: Simply Vera via Kohl's
Necklace: Can't remember
P.S. Third-day hair? WHAT IS UP? I am killing it with the third day hair.

Meet Blue. He barks at all things. Including leaves. And rocks. And perhaps his own shadow.

This shot is for Momma, who took these photos, by the way :)

The Details:
Occasion: Casual day teaching
Comments: I love this color combination. I love this outfit. I felt a little edgy. And I'm down with edgy. Maybe I could have belted something or whatever, but I thought loose up top was better with skinny jeans. Right? 

What article of clothing makes you most excited for fall/winter? Do tell! 


  1. How? How is it possible that those poor, deprived teenagers have never heard "Bohemian Rhapsody"? Isn't that unAmerican (or, er, unBritish)? I'm so glad that you provided some much needed education! Love the boots and third day hair, by the way!

  2. THOSE BOOTS ARE AWESOME. I basically love this whole outfit, though. I almost bought that blouse but I have a similar one (same color) from Old Navy anyways and didn't think I needed two maroon sleeveless blouses, ha! I love the print on that cardigan, too - so cute! I'm really starting to be drawn to more edgy looks...maybe it's the hair??? Who knows?!

  3. CUTE boots! The outfit is pretty awesome too. I totally went with skinny pants and a loose top today too. No one needs to see every little curve of my body :) I need your regimen for THIRD DAY HAIR!!

  4. Um YEAH she does! Those boots are amazing! Pretty much loving this whole outfit. The color of your top looks great with that printed cardigan.

  5. Love! I always get excited for fall boots, scarves, and sweaters! Some jackets and layering all of the above are fun and warm too. I wanted to know if once every so often you wouldnt mind posting a how to for your hair or links to similar pieces if you can? I just love your style and need some help to update my closet (and with curling my hair! :) . Thanks! You always look awesome. Keep up the awesome blog stories too!

  6. What a lovely cardigan you have there Danielle! I'm loving the neutral colored print with your red top. And those boots are indeed killer. Tell Momma she has good taste :)
    I'm most excited about boots and my new aztec sweater. I have to be patient and not wear it every single day. It's a tough life.

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