Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blushing Gold

Okay, this pink isn't really blush, but I liked the title too much to pass it up. I have my moments of intelligence. 

You know what? I've never tried this particular color combination before. Typically, I pair pink with gray/silver, but I'm a recent fan of this pink and gold loveliness. 

When I wore this yesterday, the assistant principal who shares the Dapper Dan/Danielle award with me said, "I really like the gold, especially the shoes. It's like Dorothy, just gold instead of red." I can appreciate a dude with fashion sense. If only I could click my heels and be home. Instead, I am sitting in the school parking lot writing a blog post on my Blogger app. before I embark on my hour long commute (which I must endure for only two more weeks!) I have reached a new level of wonderment. 

The Outfit:
Gold Cardigan: Old Navy
Pink blouse that I slopped breakfast on: NY&Co. 
Pants: Celebrity Pink via Boscov's 
Gold flats: Audrey Brooke via DSW
Necklace: my girl LC via Kohl's, of course (Momma bought it for me. I'm so the favorite.) 

The Details:

Occasion: Teaching (namely proctoring the PSAT)
Comments: Does anyone else own pants that suffer from crotch clicking syndrome? Are we speaking the same language? Do your pants, especially when it's so quiet you could hear a brain fart, sometimes make a clicking sound that comes from the ever convenient crotch? Tell me I'm not the only one with this problem. And it IS a problem, first world or not, especially during PSAT proctoring. Regardless, this outfit is comfortable despite its being loud sometimes. 

I'll understand if you stop reading this blog. It's not easy visiting Crazy Town. 


  1. I don't have the pants problem, but I do make a whooshing sound when I walk around and I'm wearing tights. That's probably because I have big thighs, though.

  2. Um yes, I am very familiar with the popping crotch problem. Unless I am wearing a belt and have my pants as high as they'll go, stupid popping sound occurs. I feel ya!
    Exploring My Style

  3. Love, love, love the pink and gold combination! I think pink looks lovely with both gray/silver AND gold - and I feel like paired with each different shade, it completely changes the mood of the outfit (Can outfits have moods? Does this even make sense? Whatevs...). look adorable. And yes, I've totally had the clicking crotch thing before. Ugh.


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