Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Best Outfit of the Year? You Decide.

Okay, I said the outfit is the best of the year, but I didn't promise you the photo quality would compare. (All day, the rain fell dreadfully and the sun hid, so what you see is what you get.)
I walked into a colleague's classroom this morning and she exclaimed, "that is my favorite outfit of the entire year. Ever." Parents who were milling about during parent-teacher conferences stopped me to compliment my skirt. Is it crazy that I was hesitant about my outfit this morning? I thought, "is there too much color? Does this 'go'? Can I pull it off?" I answered no, yes, yes and embraced the look. Maybe I shouldn't have experimented on parent-teacher conference night, but the parents might as well experience my colorful, pattered personality in its entirety. 

Two seniors (neither of whom I teach) squealed and high fived when I told them how fashionable they are every day. They twittered, "Mrs. Wo says we're fashionable! We're awesome!" 
And now I feel awesome. Today was make-Mrs.Wo-feel-awesome day.

My only gripe about this outfit is that the crotch of my sweater tights hung like they were waiting to be filled with extra body parts I don't possess. As a result, I kept hiking them up...to no avail. 
Wow, your life would be better without that information.
You're welcome. 

The Outfit:
Sweater: Elle via Kohl's (it has little nubbins on it that you can soooort of see in the last two pictures.)
Blazer: Express (oooold)
Scarf: Made by Momma, DUH.
Booties: Old Navy (surprisingly comfortable! I plan to get the red suede ones on Thursday.)
Skirt: Got it for $14 at Francesca's! I saw it online months ago but refused to pay full price. I found one in the store this weekend and knew it was fate. 


  1. How odd...I guess I can stop searching for a skirt like that for you. Do you remember when I told you I was trying to find you a Navaho print skirt ~ well it seems you beat me to it :) Love, love, loooove this outfit!!!!

  2. This skirt is so fun! And everything else in your outfit keeps it toned down for work, good choice, obviously! I had a few pairs of tights that were ALWAYS falling down and I kept trying to make them work. Throw them away and get some new ones, haha!

  3. LOVE this skirt. And I love how you paired it with black and grey! So cute. And toss those tights!

  4. That is indeed a very cute outfit on you! I don't think it's too colorful at all. The scarf is the perfect finishing touch. Great outfit Danielle!
    Exploring My Style

  5. That skirt is super pretty! Love the matching infinity scarf! I can't stop wearing infinity scarves this season!
    Visiting from Trend Spin :)

  6. That skirt is awesome. It is just the right amount of color to spruce up a fall outfit.

  7. Yes, this is a great outfit! I love the skirt, and I'm dying over the use of the word "nubbins." I cannot help but giggle whenever I see/hear/say "nubbins." I'm giggling to myself right now just typing it....

    Nubbins. [hehehe]


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