Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Niece My Twin

I find inspiration in the oddest and sometimes most embarrassing of places. Okay, for me? Not really embarrassing. My Dad spent the better part of my childhood conditioning me against embarrassment. On several occasions, he drove away from me every time I tried to open the truck door when he picked me up from high school. He also farted in front of every one of the boys I brought home. Thanks for thickening my skin, Dad. Anyway, tangents aside, I found inspiration from my niece's outfit on Thanksgiving. Mom tells me she bought Tater Tot's shirt, so the fact that I ended up matching her makes perfect sense. After all, my Mom picks out half of my clothes. (And I am not ashamed.)

I chopped off her head in the picture because it is a very cute head. Cute heads entice internet creepers, and we can't have that.

First, we'll start with my head. You're allowed to see it because I was having an awesome hair day. My husband even asked me if I went to the salon. I'll take that as a hair styling win!

The Outfit:
Cardigan: Old Navy (it has sparkly elbow patches! I also wore it this way.)
Chambray: Old Navy 
Booties: Old Navy (uh oh...I see a trend emerging. By the way, the booties are actually gray. I also wore them this way.)
Pants: Celebrity Pink via Boscov's (I need a new, higher rise pair. I'm considering these.)
Scarf: You guessed it. Mom made it. 

And there's my adorable Tater Tot. Leggings were not a socially acceptable option for me, which is why I opted for black pants. She was wearing an adoooorable gray cardigan, but her running around creates a whole mess of heat. She was not wearing a black scarf, but I got a little creative. Woo hoo.

I guess I really should write that hair post, 'eh?


  1. Well her little gray sweater did also have bows on the you need them added to yours? And to add to your post...all from Baby Gap.

  2. I love that you were inspired by your niece! If her head is even half as cute as her outfit, she's gotta be pretty damn cute ;) I really like this outfit, by the way. I would TOTALLY wear this!!!


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