Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to Avoid J.Crew...

When I started reading personal style and fashion blogs, I noticed that nearly all the ladies were all a twitter about J.Crew and this magical place called J.Crew Factory. I thought, "hmm...I own one thing from J.Crew, and I bought it at a thrift store. It's not like I got nothin', but I got close to nothin'" With all of these "Currently Coveting from J.Crew" posts and almost every blogger wearing at least one thing from J.Crew every day, how is a girl supposed to stay calm and move on from what appears to be the unicorn of the fashion scene? Jenna Lyons' brain might just be made of pixie dust. It's true.

Anyway, even after two years puttering around in this world of gingham that lasts forever and minnie pants of the masses, I still own nothing from J. Crew or its less expensive but still highly coveted sister, J. Crew Factory. Now, that's not to say I do not peruse the website every time one of my favorite bloggers links to something lovely or every time the site trolls my inbox with seductive 40% alerts. That's also not to say I am opposed to spending a little extra for something that'll last fifteen years as opposed to fifteen minutes. However, at this time of year (and possibly all year long), everything at J. Crew IS MADE OF WOOL. (I just told you an almost exaggeration.) Your schoolboy blazer, J. Crew? I love it. The problem? I can't have it. And I am salty (as my students would say) because the world probably knows of my deep affection for blazers. Unfortunately, I am allergic to wool. Every thing I want to buy from that site is tainted with wool. Add that allergy to my goose feather allergy and my 12-year-old-boy upper body can find nearly no coat that will truly keep it warm. 

Thank you, Old Navy and Target, for carrying very little with wool or down in it and for hijacking some of J. Crew's styles for much less. For you, my superficial need for all things pretty to drape over me is grateful.  
(My pocketbook is equally grateful.)

On to my outfit, which includes a sparkly sweater featured in poor quality photographs...
The Outfit:
Leather Jacket: Wilson's Leather
Sweater: New York and Company (you probably can't see the gold threads in it)
Pants: Exact Stretch Skinny pants from The Limited (exact)
Flats: Target
(To work, I actually wore leopard heels, which looked way better with these pants, but Jeff took these pictures before we ran errands. I don't run errands in heels if I can help it.) 

My students asked me why I don't wear my hair like this every day. Apparently, they approve of my natural fro. 

Previously, I wore the sweater this way.
(I prefer the outfit in today's post.)


  1. I don't own one thing from J.Crew. I feel like it's this big, bad secret I have haha. There's even a J.Crew Factory store near my house but on the few occasions I've stepped inside, I just can't see paying the prices for the items they have there. It is what it is, I'm not ashamed! I didn't realize at first that your sweater had that pretty collar, I thought it was a scarf! Also, I've got a jacket super similar to this, and it's my favorite!

  2. i just saw this on pinterest and LOVED it...spent all of about .2 minutes browsing your posts before i knew I had to follow! Super cute outfits!

    shaeken | sprinkles & glitter |

  3. I'm in love with your leather jacket, Danielle! Seriously, so so so cute! I've been on the hunt for a similar jacket but can't find one that I want/can afford! Oh well. I'm completely with you on J.Crew. Their stuff is cute but I cannot afford it! I have one thing from J.Crew and it's a bridesmaid's I feel like I'm not a real style blogger since I don't have anything J.Crew. BUT! I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

  4. In theory, I love J.Crew. In actuality, very few things actually fit me correctly and the prices are ridiculous. I only own two items (from the Factory Outlet), and that is a necklace and a t-shirt. I love your outfit. Comfy and pretty :)

  5. Oh my goodness, that is SUCH a pretty sweater! I'm swooning over the lovely color and sparkly fun :)

    After all the blogger J Crew madness, I actually ordered two things from the factory store: a plain white tee and a red cardigan. I thought the quality was supposed to be amazing but I was really disappointed! The white tee was totally see-through which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place and the cardigan was like a thin long sleeve tee. They both were returned. I was drooling over the utility jacket several months ago but was worried about how it would fit so I didn't order it. I'll look from afar, at least for a while.
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