Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And so the "Reverse" 30x30 begins.

In case you missed it, yesterday, I told you about my challenge for the month of January. I'm dubbing it, for lack of something more creative, "Reverse 30x30." It's "reverse" because, unlike a 30x30, which involves isolating 30 items from your closet and remixing just those pieces, you take 30 items that you want to reintroduce into your wardrobe. You choose clothes that you love (or think you could love), but rarely show the love. This challenge is a concentrated effort to make all of your closet well-loved. If, by the end of the challenge, you decide to donate/consign/sell any of the 30 items you chose, that's perfectly fine. You're one step closer to a fully well-loved closet. Right?

My first item of clothing is the Lauren Conrad polka dot button down. I love me some dots, I love me some LC, and I love me some button downs, but this shirt just sits on the sidelines. Not today, folks. Not today.

My method for success? It's two fold.
First: pair the shirt with well-loved items (black boots and burgundy pants) and new items that excite me (black cardigan and red necklace).
Second: make the shirt part of a color scheme I always fall back on (black, white, and burgundy)

Will I keep this shirt? Absolutely. It will definitely become well-loved. In fact, I have a few more ways to wear it.

Next time? Boyfriend blazer and jeans with heels?
Or one of these looks that I pinned:
polka dot shirt under dress
polka dot shirt with jean jacket, green necklace, and heels
polka dot shirt with cobalt

How I wore it today?

 photo c06211ce-d77f-4863-b3e2-8210bea6a55a_zpsf82a83ca.jpg
"Reversed" Item: Polka dot button down (Lauren Conrad via Kohl's)
Pants: Old Navy Rockstar skinnies
Boots: Etienne Aigner via Macy's
Cardigan: Express
Necklace: gift

 photo IMG_3137_zps60854490.jpg

 photo IMG_3140_zps193ad321.jpg

 photo IMG_3139_zpse7b48e7e.jpg

Feel free to join me for this challenge. It can be for a day, a week, two weeks, the whole 30, whatever! If you participate at any point, I'd love for you to send me an e-mail or comment with the link to your outfit post. 

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  1. I love black/white/burgundy, it's such an easy combination. And that pinned look of the button down under the dress, do that too! That's amazing! I might have to steal some of these ideas for my polka dot button-down too!

  2. Love this look and i love this idea! I am like you and I get bored easily! But this makes it fun and less limiting!

  3. Definitely a cute shirt and outfit, I think it would be great for school with a pencil skirt and cardigan or blazer :)

  4. What a great idea!! Cynthia from Go Chic or Go Home did something similar I think where she introduced a new item everyday until she'd worn her whole closet. This is a great way to try and save forgotten or neglected pieces. I should really try that too once I've moved away from the work polos!
    Exploring My Style

  5. I agree with the other comments, it is a great idea! And I love your outfit :)

  6. This reverse 30 x 30 scheme is a great idea!! Less limiting, and a terrific way to possibly pare down your closet, or discover "new" items to fully incorporate! Yea for you--good impetus for the fence sitters like me!

  7. Yessss, Danielle, I love this so much! Black/white/maroon is such a classic color combination, and those polka dots are darling :)


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