Friday, January 3, 2014

"Reverse" 30x30: Velvet Pants on a Snow Day. Hip hip hooray.

I'm going to chuck some randomness at you. Let's see what a good catch you are.

1. I love these leather gloves from my mom because they have a "secret" power. They allow me to play with my phone, but they don't have those little silver patches on the fingers! The downside? If I touch my oily face with them, they leave a black mark, which is a tad reminiscent of war paint. 

2. I need snow boots. Though these rain boots are undeniably cute, they are not snow boots. Anyone have some good recommendations that don't come at an enormous price tag?

3. Why do good hair days come along only on snow days that do not involve going to work or anywhere that people other than your husband, dogs, and leasing office will see you? Silver lining? Start a blog and the people of the internet will see you in all your curly glory. (Yes, that mane is natural. No, it doesn't always cooperate and look like that.)

4. This blanket scarf is so large and in charge that I almost fell coming up the apartment steps today because I couldn't see my feet. It's okay if my neck is broken as long as it's warm. 

Reverse 30x30 Goodness

I reversed these teal, velvet pants. 
The verdict? They are most definitely staying for the long haul. 
It's like someone kidnapped the velveteen rabbit and turned him into pants. 
Plus, as I was trying to style them with items in my closet, I realized that they go with several items. 
Who knew pants like these could be so...remixable?
You'll probably see them again this month. I have a work outfit planned around them. 
It'll be like wearing pajamas to work, and those are the best outfits. 

 photo IMG_3219_zps22e13333.jpg

Reversed Item: Teal, velvet pants by Lauren Conrad (my girl!) via Kohl's
Boots: Joules (won them in a giveaway this summer)
Coat: Michael Kors (Filene's Basement like 6 years ago)
Black vest (which you can't see): Under Armour
Scarf: Gift (from Asos)
Black turtleneck: Express (prooooobably from high school--not kidding)

 photo IMG_3216_zpsdbd8d129.jpg

 photo IMG_3218_zps12a0b768.jpg

 photo IMG_3217_zps45f9f2ad.jpg

Reverse 30x30 Items

1. coral and khaki skirt
2. gray and yellow skirt
3. white pencil skirt
4. teal velvet pants (today's reversed item)
5. polka dot tights
6. khaki pants (I'm returning this pair and going with a lighter pair I own 
that hasn't seen the light of day in a long time.)
7. brown boots
8. black wedge booties
9. red heels
10. tri-color wedges
11. aztec scarf
12. teal necklace
13. striped dress
14. tan dress (I'll be selling this one. It just doesn't work for me, and I refuse to force myself
into wearing it.)
15. navy dress (off probation but not officially reversed)
16. polka dot shirt (officially reversed)
17. polka dot cardi
18. polka dot blouse (was going to be today's look...poop.)
19. printed blazer (on probation, might be leaving the closet, LEAVING the closet)
20. chambray
21. paisley blouse
22. gray shirt (I tried it on again and just don't like how it fits me. I think you need boobs for this shirt.)  
23. paisley blouse 2
24. emerald sleeveless sweater
25. navy sweater
26. blush sweater with silver polka dots
27. silver sweater (tried so hard to style it--just doesn't work for me; it'll be going up for sale)
28. black sweater
29. white lace sweater
30. orange sweater

Replacements for the four items I removed from the list (6, 14, 22, and 27):

31. kind of dressy purple shirt (long sleeves) 
 photo IMG_3212_zpsc167d6ff.jpg

32.  gray skinnies (NO idea why they haven't been worn...ever.)
 photo IMG_3210_zps44a01da4.jpg

33. gold blazer (I once wrote a blog post about how remixable it is, and I have yet to wear it.)
 photo IMG_3211_zps345c6926.jpg

34. light khaki pants
 photo IMG_3213_zps1c0efd4b.jpg


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your curly hair! I know you've mentioned it a lot but I've never actually seen it in it's natural goodness. I'm pretty sure that your coat and scarf were just meant to be together. And snow days for the win!

  2. Love love love. I'm so envious that I don't get to wear fun winter-y outfits like this because here in good ole Louisiana we don't actually have winter. Though, it was 37 degrees this morning- felt cold to me!

  3. You look so adorable and cozy today!! I LOVE your red coat and forgot all about your super cute bowtie boots! I think that gold blazer is so fun! Perfect for more dressy events, nights out, NYE, etc. I'd try again to wear it!
    Exploring My Style

  4. I've been out of town, so I just got caught up with your posts. I love the idea of remixing items you haven't worn in a while/ever. And I LOVE your hair.

  5. I love this outfit and your curly hair. I'm all about wearing clothes that feel like pajamas too. I bet you enjoyed your snow day, I high hopes for one on Monday due to the estimated recording breaking cold temps.

  6. Yep, your curly hair is darling. I'm not surprised, though, because you're always so damn cute. I LOVE your outfit!! I have a pair of teal skinnies that go with so many things (they're slightly too-tight right now, so they're hanging out in closet purgatory, booooo). I really like that scarf, too - poofy scarves are the best!!


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