Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reverse 30x30: All that glitters is my gold blazer.

The lighting and clarity are a little better in these pictures, right? 
Who knew that opening the blinds would let in natural light and make the pictures better
What a novel idea. 

Okay, here's what I did to get to this outfit.

I realized that I am drawn to the following silhouette: 
blazer/cardigan + tucked in shirt + belt + heels/boots/flats (depending on pant style) 
I used that little formula to style the gold blazer I needed to reverse.

Initially, I was thinking of a white shirt. I decided to try it some other time. Then, last week's Trendy Tuesday theme was coral, so I planned to wear this blazer with a coral shirt. Then the sickness hit, and I missed out on Trendy Tuesday! :(  I actually tried on the blazer with the coral shirt, and the frockets (front pockets--got this word from a witty colleague) looked really weird with the blazer.  I then realized I hadn't yet worn this red blouse, so I gave it a go. I was going to wear a leopard scarf, but it just wasn't sitting right, which is where the leopard belt comes into play. In the spring, I'll wear leopard heels/flats instead :)

Man, do I love this look. I love the sparkles in the blazer. The bright red of the top. The heel on the boot. The pop of leopard print. 

This blazer is officially REVERSED. 

Reversed Item: Blazer from ModCloth (last winter on super clearance)
Belt: New York & Co.
Black Jeggings (high rise!): American Eagle (got 'em during a $25.99 promotion)
Boots: b.o.c. via DSW
Blouse: LOFT (seriously scored this beauty for less than $20)
Scarf: Made by Momma dearest


Reversed 30x30 Update:
(Original Post in case you want pictures and a run down of this challenge)

1. coral and khaki skirt (might have to wait for spring...looks STUPID with tights)
2. gray and yellow skirt 
3. white pencil skirt (officially waiting for spring--too cold for the outfits I have planned for it)
4. teal velvet pants (officially reversed)
5. polka dot tights
6. khaki pants (officially returned)
7. brown boots (officially reversed)
8. black wedge booties (officially reversed)
9. red heels
10. tri-color wedges (officially reversed--I've added so much gray/navy/burgundy to my wardrobe that these are perfect)
11. aztec scarf (planning to wear it tomorrow)
12. teal necklace
13. striped dress (officially reversed)
14. tan dress (officially rejected)
15. navy dress (probationally reversed)
16. polka dot shirt (officially reversed)
17. polka dot cardi
18. polka dot blouse (officially reversed
19. printed blazer (on probation, might be leaving the closet, LEAVING the closet)
20. chambray (officially reversed)
21. paisley blouse (officially rejected)
22. gray shirt (officially rejected)  
23. paisley blouse 2 (reversed for today's look)
24. emerald sleeveless sweater
25. navy sweater (pulling one of my favorites: sweater over a dress look!)
26. blush sweater with silver polka dots (outfit planned but might be too cold)
27. silver sweater (officially rejected)
28. black sweater (might be replaced by a crew neck)
29. white lace sweater (officially reversed)
30. orange sweater (got a plan for it tomorrow
31. long-sleeve purple shirt (got a plan for this one)
32. gray skinnies (I've already worn them three times, none of which you've seen...oops!)
33. light khakis (got a plan for these)
34. gold blazer (officially reversed) 

Some other outfits I've worn that follow this outfit's "formula":
(So many more outfits like these, but I picked some of my favorites)

(probably my favorite outfit of all time)

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  1. Oh wow that gold blazer is fun! I'm glad you haven't confined it to December, since you've shown here that it's so much more than just a holiday blazer.

  2. gorgeous blazer!! I'm happy you came up with an outfit that you really like with it!

  3. That's a great outfit formula! I am going to give it a try sometime soon. The gold blazer really looks great as a work look with the red top, scarf, and leopard belt.


  4. You have THE best blazers. (I love them all, but I think the last outfit is my favorite...just like you said.) I'm often drawn to the same silhouette as well.

  5. Holy crap, Danielle! I love that blazer! I remember when you put together your remix post about it, and I'm glad to see you wearing it again. I think it looks lovely with the red blouse, and the leopard belt is the perfect touch.

  6. Oh my gosh, I love your style. All these outfits are awesome! And I love your boots!



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