Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Reverse 30x30: striped dress winterized

My $25 LOFT blazer from thredUP came yesterday, so I decided to pair it with this dress from my Reversed 30x30. It also required my new boots, my first eBay purchase ever. BOOM.

Guys, guys, guys, I mixed patterns for the first time. For a girl whose pajamas must match and who wishes she could take a sick day every time Wacky Tacky day rolls around during spirit week, this is a BIG deal. It's subtle and it's pretty neutral, but look at that floral scarf and striped dress. 

And, no, my legs aren't THAT white. I just opted for ivory tights this morning. 

Forgive this post if it's formatted weirdly. I am multi tasking by typing this in my phone as I wait for the dentist to call me back. Time management at its best, folks. Wish me luck that I don't have to schedule root canal number 8. Ugh. Damn teeth grinding and autoimmune disorder. 

My body hates me, but my clothes love me.
Dress: Banana Republic Outlet
Blazer: LOFT via thredUP
Boots: Steve Madden's Barton boot via eBay
Scarf: gift from my cute niece! She did well, right? :) 
Cardigan: Old Navy


  1. Love this blazer and way to go on the pattern mixing.

  2. This is adorable! It makes me long for spring.

  3. Ah yes, pattern mixing is much easier when the two patterns aren't touching each other I think. Good for you! Your new blazer is a great find!

  4. I really like this outfit, Danielle! Way to go on your pattern mixing - I'm similar to you, in that I really can't handle extreme pattern mixing. The first time I did it, I wore a striped skirt with a leopard print scarf, and I felt like such a badass. This is how lame my life is, ha! I have gotten like 2% more adventurous now, but I still tend to think pattern mixing is kind of awkward and too mismatched, in general. I think you did it really well, here. Stripes and florals are probably my favorite pattern mixing combo, and I love that you kept it in the same color family :) And yes, your niece did VERY well with your scarf - it is adorable!


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