Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reverse 30x30: I don't chop trees. I just breathe, and they fall over.

Oh, HEY, look: it's the return of a cute outfit wrapped up in a crappy quality picture!

Mom said that she'd start taking some pictures of me with her gorgeous camera and kick-ass photography skills, so you might be seeing some of my images take a step in the right direction. Since she housed fetal me in her womb and partook in that whole raising me thing, I don't feel all awkward posing for her, which is good because random drug-dealing neighbors creeping on my photo shoots makes for enough awkwardness. Plus, I want to spend more time with Mom.

Typically, we always go shopping, and I'd like to do less of that this year and more adventuring! Mom loves to take pictures and adventures, so this little arrangement means she can practice her craft while I work on bringing this blog into the land of the pretty and home of the well-written. Plus, we'll get some fun adventures out of the deal. I do believe that's what they call a win-win-win. (A win for me, a win for her, and a win for you)

Until then, allow the following picture to serve as the antithesis of what's to come.

How could I not share this warm outfit with you? Plus, I reversed the heck out of those brown boots.

I will continue my Atypical Love Story telling when Jeff's not blaring a video game in the living room and periodically sneaking into the office just to stare at me. Though I find him wildly charming and comical, his presence is not exactly conducive to my authorial creativity.

 photo photo1_zps41187ac4.jpg

Reversed 30x30 Update:
(Original Post in case you want pictures and a run down of this challenge)

1. coral and khaki skirt (might have to wait for spring...looks STUPID with tights)
2. gray and yellow skirt 
3. white pencil skirt (officially waiting for spring--too cold for the outfits I have planned for it)
4. teal velvet pants (officially reversed)
5. polka dot tights
6. khaki pants (officially returned)
7. brown boots (officially reversed)
8. black wedge booties (officially reversed)
9. red heels
10. tri-color wedges (officially reversed--I've added so much gray/navy/burgundy to my wardrobe that these are perfect)
11. aztec scarf
12. teal necklace
13. striped dress (officially reversed)
14. tan dress (officially rejected)
15. navy dress (probationally reversed)
16. polka dot shirt (officially reversed)
17. polka dot cardi
18. polka dot blouse (officially reversed
19. printed blazer (on probation, might be leaving the closet, LEAVING the closet)
20. chambray (officially reversed)
21. paisley blouse (officially rejected)
22. gray shirt (officially rejected)  
23. paisley blouse 2 (reversed for today's look)
24. emerald sleeveless sweater
25. navy sweater (pulling one of my favorites: sweater over a dress look!)
26. blush sweater with silver polka dots (outfit planned but might be too cold)
27. silver sweater (officially rejected)
28. black sweater (might be replaced by a crew neck)
29. white lace sweater (officially reversed)
30. orange sweater (might wait for spring--not feeling the brights quite yet)
31. long-sleeve purple shirt (got a plan for this one)
32. gray skinnies (I've already worn them three times, none of which you've seen...oops!)
33. light khakis (got a plan for these)
34. gold blazer (If I could no longer be sick and actually make it into work wearing something other than boots, I'd really like to wear one of the outfits I dreamed up for this blazer) 


  1. That's awesome that your mom will take your pictures! My remote is acting up, maybe it's the fact that I bought it from China for $15 or the fact that I tried to take pictures when it was like 5 degrees yesterday...or a combo of both. Urg. Anyway, my husband was less the. Thrilled to take mine when I started the blog, so it's great you have an actual human being to help. Also, love your best here, it's so cute with these leggings and layers.

  2. My picture awesomeness solely depends on someone else taking my pictures for me. I suck at determining good lighting and don't always realize this until I look at the pictures hours/days later and go, "Wow, these are really dark." I gotta put hubby to work!


  3. I'm dying about the comment you wrote about Jeff coming in to stare at you - bahaha, he and Kevin have that in common :) I am jealous that you have a mom with not only a great camera and a knack for photography, but one with whom you love to spend time and is willing to photograph you in your kick-ass outfits for the blog! I love it. I still really like your "reverse 30x30" idea - I might have to borrow it myself some day!


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