Friday, January 24, 2014

Reverse 30x30: Orange sweater and printed scarf

There's something about moving furniture that's so cathartic. Am I right? Since our internet died AGAIN at work (we are going on three weeks of very intermittent internet), my co-teacher and I decided to be productive and do a little feng shuing of our classroom. 

As we left for the day, we discussed how excited we were to come back on Monday, so ready to teach in the prettiness of our room. It's the little things in life, no? 

But isn't it SO much easier (and exciting) to work productively in a clean, streamlined space? It's akin to the thrill of new school supplies. Maybe that's just me. 

(Let's just hope we CAN work productively with functioning internet.)

Blazer (new!): LOFT
Sweater: Target (reversed item 1)
Scarf: Charlotte Russe (reversed item 2)
Pants: gift (mom got them at LOFT)
Shoes: via DSW
Belt: OLD American Eagle (bought it in the dude's section) 


  1. 1. I 100% agree with you about moving furniture! I LOVE REARRANGING FURNITURE! I just completely rearranged our guest room/office, and now I actually like to do homework in there. It's the best!
    2. Cute, cute, cute outfit! I really like your orange sweater, and it looks fantastic with your scarf.

  2. Your sweater and scarf were just meant to be together, it's true love! And the blazer was a perfect completer for the outfit. When I lived back at home, I used to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom just about every month, I loved it!

  3. loooove this!! you look so cute, and the outfit coordinates so well together!


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